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Default Usain Bolt A Freemason???

What are your thoughts on Usain Bolt??
Many people are looking up to this guy as a role model not knowing he's a freemason

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Pretty sad that people look up to a runner as a role model that's for sure.

He can run fast, soooooooooo?????

Well, not really any different to looking up to singer and models as role models really.
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It's fine for these people to be role models if the people looking up to them have similar talents and want to do what they do.
"We are gradually being brainwashed through semantics, and little by little we are coming to believe that government action and control are good and individual action is bad. One of these days we will wake up and believe that individual freedom is tyranny and government control is really liberty. It will largely have been accomplished by the polished art of political semantics." -John Ashbrook
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always the weak needing to feel they have to belong. fucking loser.
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Ewww...Makes me run away fast.
"One step at a time"
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people who wish to buy these rings can find them practically everywhere
i see them at 99c dollarstore, online merchants, yardsale, flea market, etc..etc..
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2012, freemason, illuminati, nwo, usain bolt

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