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Default Smart Motorways misleading?

Slightly misleading title, but couldnt think of anything more appropriate, but theres been alot of talk in the alternative regarding everything Smart, ie smart meters, smart roads, motorways and so on. Here i will concentrate on smart motorways, mainly because i dont think all the talk of associating them with transhumanism is really accurate, certainly not in the present context. What i am very concerned about with smart motorways is the usual excuse for more surveillance:

This typical msm article is very telling, but of course not to the sheeple, non questioning masses who continually soak up all this big brother intrusive they dont like joe motorist doing over 70mph. Not one consideration for privacy.


Notice in the article the ridiculous number of yellow coloured cameras in that photo, absolute surveillance overload; why do they need so many in one place looking in the same direction for?. Ive see so many cameras like that all over the place, not just motorways. I was shocked when i saw mast after mast every 100 yards or so on the motorway recently with cameras mounted on them. Are they really using them for speeding offences, or are they desperately trying to condition us more and more to think being watched by CCTV 24/7 is normal?. I‘d say the latter. Sadly, that thought will never enter most peoples heads.
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All good ideas get hijacked by the treasury but if everyone behaved themselves whilst out driving the country would go bust.

Pay as you go driving would eventually have a similar effect with millions redesigning their lives and giving up the car.
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