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Default paradise ca fire targeted et's

alpha centaurians who had been living along side humans in paradise ca were targeted by deep state dew weapons.
i've seen a few videos along these lines from david wilcock. your thoughts please.
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Here's just one of the video's David put out on this subject .... uploaded only a few weeks ago but already over half a million views!!!


In it he states that he has been hearing about Paradise CA for many years before these fires , from many different insiders . Apparently the Centarans (from the Alpha Centauri) had an agreement with the Cabal , allowing around a 1,000 of them to live on Earth in Paradise CA... they are very close in appearance to us , and with wigs heavy makeup false teeth and contact lenses can pass as humans .

Wilcock surmises that perhaps these beings were about to go public and present themselves in mass to the world via the media in an effort to force disclosure. The cabal could not allow that and so attacked.

Wilcock and the sources he quotes are reliable .. and the video is worth watching, despite the irksome , razzmatazz, US presentation style ....

Wilcock has the general broad picture IMO, understands about the SSP and everything.

Wilcock is of the opinion ,(as is Simon Parkes and others like Q anon ) that sealed indictments may soon be opened , resulting in the arrest of top Illuminati for child offences . The end of the cabal, and disclosure is very close .

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