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Default David Wilcock - Links

Coast to Coast 4th of june

I listened to it today and thought that some of you might be interested in it.
Enjoy! And feel free to post your opinions.

-Part 1: Nice to see Wilcock mentioning the "Hall of records."
I've heard about it multiple times and it's nice to hear others talking about it.
Part 1: The pyramids were built for the purpose of being initiation chambers so that people could ascend - True.
-Part 2: 1:30 - 2:12. Ying & Yang. The idea he has on why the illuminati is evil is quite interesting...
They got the meaning of evil opposite good completely distorted? Interesting theory. Needs research.
-Part 2: Henry Deacon discussion. I've heard this lads name. Anybody know more about him?
-Part 3: 02:41. The Annunaki information he has is interesting! They never let you see their face,
(which explains the masks) 14ft tall, not respectful towards human beings & worked with the nazis.
(I thought the Aryans did?) This information is all coming from Henry Deacon btw.
-Part 3: 07:06. Stargates and bases on Mars. Had heard about this before, so Im not surprised.
-Part 4: The big secret is that aliens look like us.
-Part 4: Supermodel female-aliens! (do they come in males too?;>)
-Part 4: 6:23 The Greys: Robots. Fetuses & artificially grown. Why their eyes are black? Lences/sunglasses.
Protects their eyes because they are sensitive to light.
-Part 5: 1:57~ Reptilians: According to his source Henry Deacon, they don't exist.
And if they do, he was never exposed to them in his work.
He talks about this more in the 5th part...But nothing too David 'Ickean', ha.
Part 5: 2012: Energy wave will hit us.
Part 6: 2012: (according to Henry Deacon) "A rip in space and time,
literally represents a fundamental harmonic change in the way that time functions."
"Our perception of time and even the way clocks would run will change."
TERRENCE Mckenna said this! OMG. (Im a big fan of his)
Part 6: 2012: 0:34 Contactees were told what was to come in 2012.
That being; there would be a climate change (it's happening) and this would fulfill all ancient prophecies of an golden age coming on earth.
The information in part 6 is amazing! If you're not going to watch all the videos, atleast watch part 6 if you are interested in 2012!
Levitation, telekinesis, time travel... (Terrence talked about this happening in 2012 too!)
Part 8: Pyramids are basically for healing. No surprise there. Evil tends to make everything good seem evil.
Part 8: 01:01. Just watch. The whole part is good.
Part 8: Also talks about the power of meditation and how we affect our surroundings!
Part 9: 5:30. Illuminati, dark entities and how we will win.
(DW also talks about the Da Vinci movie that will be about the illuminati)
Part 10: A caller asks great questions about Jesus, what happens to those who died before 2012 and etc.

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Here are the MP3's

My Youtube Channel - Raw foods, healthy living, truth ramblings, music.
Red Ice Radio - If you're not listening to Red Ice, you're not getting it.
Health Essentials - Full movie. Everything you need to know about health.
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One of the few positive dudes left!

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This guy is a big fan of Obama's. Don't know what to make of him. Nothing he says resonates with me.
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Originally Posted by oceano View Post
This guy is a big fan of Obama's. Don't know what to make of him. Nothing he says resonates with me.
Yeah, not much resonates with me either. Some things do, but not many
"Words have the power to both destroy, and heal. When words are both true and kind, they can change our world" -Buddha
"There is no way to peace. Peace is the way" -Gandhi

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Default Divine Cosmos:



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