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Default The Last Chance Saloon

The Last Chance Saloon
by Stuart Wilde

We are poised on the cusp that I wrote about in my book ‘Whispering Winds of Change‘. I said that the world splits into two parabolas of evolutions. One is cold, cruel, dogmatic and elitist; the other is open, warm and inclusive. The cruel parabola tears itself apart in the end fighting with others only the spiritual parabola survives. The death of the global-ego is upon us. Each decides his or her fate by choosing a silent disdain for humanity or an open acceptance of all people and their beliefs.

We have been raised in the West to be very special and important people; it is the cult of the Chosen One, he or she who believes they have been divinely selected but it is unsafe now. Karma is about to adjust our perception of things. I have always felt that it is a major advance to your perception when you accept that you are nothing and completely irrelevant in the great scheme of things, because by in being ‘nothing’ you embrace an eternity that is very safe.

The tall poppies fall in droves, because oil is to be taken from us. When the oil goes the fascists march in the street. You have to choose: on the one hand you get a nice uniform but a rotten karma and on the other hand there is the flicker of redemption in the distance and your eventual escape to spur you on.

I have seen two arrows hit the earth and I taught many people to see the min-video clips that come out of the Morph that play in one’s mind’s eye and they have seen the arrows as well. Meteors, comets, we don’t know? But Gaia has had enough of humanity’s disdain and the obesity of our soul that kills and feeds on the animals – Gaia’s children, to the tune of millions a day. There is no end to the pile of corpses that are slaughtered to feed our podgy gluttony. She’s disgusted with that she will stop global consumption to save the planet it stands to reason.

If you are humble and well meaning and if you have no silent disdain in your heart for people, you enter the gentle space of a tender soul and you drift naturally through a lack of the ego’s demands to a place close to the zero point.

I recently showed a couple of hundred how to dematerialize their upper body, once you are not much attached to the desires and a rapacious need to satisfy the ego the rest you goes also goes wispy and you can eventually roam about where you wish. It is the threshold to a brave new world.

Let the Nazis have the streets we are not here to fight them. No. We have to love them and admire their crisp uniforms and appreciate how they suckered the human shadow to come out of hiding for all to see. That is spiritual moment for humanity, when Hitler rises from his grave to attend once more. For unless the shadow comes out, there will never be a proper justice for ordinary people for the shadow will rule forever. Once it comes out fully for all to see, then it will eventually fall.

Meanwhile, we’ll walk the other way taking a few with us if they want to come.

It all came true in the end. The attack on Iran is not far off. The battle fleets are sailing full speed into a nasty surprise. Dogma meets dogma with a clash of shields, while the dogs of war strain at the leash snarling to be let loose.

History will say it was inevitable that the cult of the Chosen One would draw itself into battle with ghosts that scurried in the night that were hard to find and even harder to subdue. For the ghosts in the night represented an external manifestation of the very inner shadow of the elite, but they never saw it before it was too late. The elite fought their own shadow to the death.

So when you pop into the Last Chance Saloon order, tenderness, generosity and respect, straight, no fizz. Doing that a door opens and you walk through to the back into a garden where you will be surprised to find a few old friends who have also had enough and they also want to return home to the celestial place from which we all came. They thought a human had to die to get there but that turned out to be an old dogma and inaccurate. They were not disappointed.

It is all good, there is a happy outcome and soon we’ll see a new dawn approach.

© 2012 — Stuart Wilde.
www.stuartwilde.com — All rights reserved.
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