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Default 2008 interview - 17 APRIL Predicted Nuclear Attack

http://the-end.com or http://www.endtime2008.com
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2008 - God's Final Witness,by Ronald Weinland.


08-12-07 James Whale 2007 interview.

This is the interview i listened to last night on the James Whale radio show,10th april,2008.
1089/1053 AM,talkSPORT Radio in London, U.K., the James Whale Show

Ronald Weinland says God DIRECTLY gave him a revelation that a catastrophic conflict in the USA will begin NEXT THURSDAY on april 17,2008 and within 45 to 90 days there will be a nuclear attack on New York,Washington,and port cities which will escalate into a 3rd world war where a 3rd of humankind will be destroyed and christ will return 3 and a half years after april 17,2008,HE SAYS THIS CATASTROPHY CAN BE PREVENTED WITHIN THE FIRST TRUMPET BEING BLOWN after april 17 IF PEOPLE MAKE THE CORRECT CHOICES AND CHANGE AND BETTER THERE LIVES AND DO NOT RETALIATE WITH NUCLEAR WEAPONS and he says if none of this prediction happens before mid june then he will not be Gods prophet and would of been wrong.



SUBJECT: Rev.Moon Says Threat of Nuclear War Possible

5 paragraphs from bottom,"The threat of a nuclear
holocaust is real. We must prevent this catastrophe.
We must do away with all atomic bombs. All the atomic
bombs that are in the world can destroy the planet
Earth 10 times over. All the bombs must be buried deep
in the Pacific Ocean so that no one can use them. I am
trying to utilize all the technology that is being
developed and equalize that for all people".

Ronald Weinland
Ronald Weinland - Author of "The Prophesied End-Time"
& "2008 - God's Final Witness"

New Begining for America and Europe.

http://www.trueloveking.net Rev.Moon,Messiah,True Parents meets George W. Bush.
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