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Question Could Bryn Athyn be an Illuminati hotspot?

The Pennsylvania borough of Bryn Athyn (which is a short drive west of Northeast Philadelphia) has a population of only about 1400 people, but it is quite significant. It is the home of the Bryn Athyn Historic District, a National Historic Landmark District which is the home of the Bryn Athyn cathedral which serves as the episcopal seat of the General Church of the New Jerusalem, an international Swedenborgian church. The Bryn Athyn Cathedral, built in the early 20th century, has a gothic-style of design to it. Its construction was financed by the wealthy industrialist John Pitcairn, and his son was the philanthropist Raymond Pitcairn who was the first person to live in the residence known as Glencairn which is a stone's throw from the cathedral and has since been converted into a museum.

There are some significant things to point out here. First, the Christian sect religion of Swedenborgianism was founded by Emanuel Swedenborg, who was a freemason, and the Swedenborg Rite or Rite of Swedenborg was a fraternal order modeled on freemasonry and based upon the teachings of Emanuel Swedenborg. It comprised six degrees which were Apprentice, Fellow Craft, Master Neophyte, Illuminated Theosophite, Blue Brother, and Red Brother. Second, gothic architecture has a lot of connections to reptile aliens, as David Icke points out in his books. Third, when a new sect of Christianity is created it is used as a "divide and conquer" method by the Illuminati who were the creators of all the major religions so they could use religion to suppress human consciousness and make people of different religions conflict with each other. And lastly, the symbol for Swedenborgianism is a yellow cross with a red circle going around it with 4 blue squares on each point on the cross. This symbol screams ILLUMINATI SYMBOLISM.

So is Bryn Athyn a secret hotspot of Illuminati activity? And could there be a secret underground base beneath the hill that the Bryn Athyn Cathedral and Glencairn sit on which is analogous to the underground base beneath the Vatican that Illuminati whistleblowers like Leo Zagami have talked about? Who knows, I don't know. But I would love to use remote viewing to find out, if I knew how to do it.
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There are plenty of courses available online. Ed Dames runs one of them. Other courses are available.
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