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Default What's Trump really up to with 'death for heroin traffickers'?

Big headlines ...." Trump want's death penalty for opiate traffickers"...

“If somebody goes and shoots somebody, or kills somebody, they go away for life and they can even get the death penalty, right?” Trump told the crowd. “A drug dealer will kill 2,000, 3,000, 5,000 people during the course of his or her life. So you can kill thousands of people and go to jail for 30 days...."

Well no!! It's my choice what I ingest ... a drug dealer is supplying a need ... lots of people in pain out there ....

But looking deeper into the DI Headlines article .....

Earlier, an anonymous government official told CNN that while the plan would stiffen the penalties “for the people who are bringing the poison into our communities,” it would reduce them for “other people languishing in prison for these low-level drug crimes.”

"The President thinks that the punishment doesn't fit the crime," the official said, adding that the draconian punishments would be reserved for those who are trafficking opioids like heroin and fentanyl into the country, not for those who “are growing pot in the backyard or a friend who has a low-level possession crime.”'

So in reality trump is trying to soften drug laws for 99% of the people ...

I suggest he came out with this death for dealers apparent hard line approach to fend off criticism from conservatives that he's soft on drugs
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I was just about to make a new post on this but here is my view on this...

Trump will officially endorse the death penalty for drug dealers in new opioid strategy that raises red flags among lawmakers and public health experts

  • CDC says there were 64,000 U.S. drug overdose deaths in 2016, mostly involving opioids, a 28 per cent jump from 2015
  • Trump suggested Saturday in Pennsylvania that drug dealers who broadly push lethal narcotics should be treated like any other mass killer in federal courts
  • Plan expected to be rolled out Monday in New Hampshire also will make it easier for Medicaid to pay for inpatient drug rehab
  • And it will tell the DOJ to seek mandatory-minimum sentences in more drug trafficking cases that involve opioids like the synthetic drug Fentanyl
  • Some in Congress and many in the public health field worry that the ambitious plan could be a budget buster with little chance of actually being implemented


Sycophant hypocritical bastards...

OK, Trump, start with the Bushes, then work your way through the Clintons. And don't forget Big Pharma and the CIA. Of course, this will never happen because Trump is a Zionist bankers' tool just like the other Zionist puppets before him.’ - Joan Mootry (as seen on Facebook)

He is to eliminate the competition of the “diplomatic drug cartels”, Big Pharma to help them make more profits and that means more deaths.

Considering the biggest drug problem that “trumps” everything in America is an Opiate epidemic, drugs being handed out by Big Pharma which is synthesised Controlled heroin as part of an addiction and depopulation agenda, it’s more lethal than actual heroin, but that doesn’t matter as such drugs are not about health but control, I think he is starting in the wrong place and protecting the wrong people. It’s a smoke screen and like going after the leafs on trees instead of the roots as your method of removing such a problem, as removing a tree for good once and for all because it’s blocking your view of the forest or some such bullshit...

They’re going to keep growing back, but that’s the point nothing will ever come of this, it’s a failed war and it will forever continue but people, no doubt patsies will be killed...

It was designed to be a relentless never ending war just as those same theatres of war within the Middle East. Because it’s a relentless war, by its progress indefinitely and the totalitarian tiptoe, they plan to use such a model to keep on chipping away at libertys. That’s all such wars are about.
Just as gun control/reform will be about chipping away liberties and freedoms, not public safety but creating more and more public control by the police state.


It’s no different than Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte and how he deals with drug lords, only Trumps method is more “diplomatic”, it has a softer face and it’s a lot more systematic and justified so it’s presented as more acceptable socially but what he is doing amounts to the same thing and has completely the same intent behind it only it’s presented differently and Rodrigo has received a lot more international critism for his tactics because “we know it’s really to go after political opponents”. It’s to go after anyone that opposes the establishment powers, the status quo, that’s exactly what Trump is doing only political rhetoric, PR - Propaganda - make it appear as though this is somehow completely different...

But don’t worry such a “War on Drugs” is intended to make Trump appear ”anti-establishment” I’m sure.
It just makes him look more extreme establishment, which is what Trump is exactly...

While looking like he is actually doing something about “Big Bad Drugs” not those good Patented, more expensive Pharmaceutical Drugs that feed the state an income for their agendas of warfare along side depop objectives because in the west people don’t respect things, they’re educated to look towards Big Brother for guidance and not themselves...
That’s why they (we) can allow such authoritarian tyrants to justify the banning of nature while being sold synthetic drugs which are more deadly and harmful but socially more acceptable than those other “Big Bad Drugs” sold to you by “criminals who are involved in all other kinds of criminality”.

That is no different at all than suggesting Iraq was involved in 911 by PR spin of the way information was presented to the public, it is to suggest that every “illegal drug dealer” the world over is and has to be involved in other criminality other than just the sale of their drug of choice.
This has recently been presented as such again in the U.K. when discussing the decriminalisation of Cannabis, it has the same spin as this rhetoric in the states...
Yet people believe it? They accept this? All the time? Why?
That’s PR - Propaganda - and the engineering of consent at work. It’s the same underlying deception.
Of course, some drug dealers by the very nature that illegal drugs are illegal, will no doubt be involved in other crime, so therefore they take such risks as to sell drugs.

But not all of them. Some are just considered criminal because their drug of choice is considered criminal and someone has said the rest of society aren’t capable of accepting or rejecting such things as an adult who is informed still about the potential dangers of such things...
It’s insane. It’s about control.
Especially considering the same powers allow the sale and production of synthetic pharmaceutical drugs, they create the problem and then chase it. They give the enemy the WMD then pursue them for having them. What they’re doing is more deadly than what they’re chasing. It’s gross hypocrisy and it’s about money and control and the very nature of mass hypnosis is to enforce such dualistic concepts. They’re playing Pat-a-cake with peoples minds and presenting it within the “Public Eye”...

Peoples states of mind are trained to stereotype by such ignorance in the “right” manner where it suits and if the same was done to a minority group such as stating all Jews are tight with money and making such an association because some Jews maybe fight with money, it would be said to be appalling ignorance and violate “Political Correctness” and of course we’d immediately be called “anti-Semitic”. Stereotyping is only good for political direction, such as during WWII all Germans would have been sick psychopaths. It’s good to engineer your consent or protect political ideologies such as Zionism.

If you can’t see it yet it’s about money and is just another “theatre of war” on yet another front as a distraction to real problems.
It’s like a soap opera performance and creating sensationalism so people will be discussing anything but problems being engineered by the international powers behind Trump and their movements.

Sorry for the essay but I had originally planned starting a thread.

We are already being fought on many fronts as humanity collectively...

‘Quite Weapons for Silent Wars’ by methods of technology and the attempted roll out of 5G, along with a whole host of internet of things and everything SMART.

Alongside the Middle East conflicts that are proxy wars of world powers being forced by international string pullers.

Censorship and the engineering of consent planned to be revamped by the technology roll out is so we can be primed to accept such a war.
It’s part of the same agenda neither of these technology roll outs or the war are separate from one another or distractions, they’re part of the same objectives.
Distractions are being made by any nation that’s involved in this which is not a “World Power”. Such as North Korea, Syria or Iran. Those wars and domestic “Civil disputes” leading to “Civil Wars” are actually distractions of the world powers and agenda behind the creation of those “Civil Wars” and they’re being driven by international interests.

I keep talking about this on forums and FB and I’m sick of people assuming that all this war rhetoric or the initiation of the Cold War again is just a distraction from tech depop agendas or the 5G roll out.
The tech depop agenda and 5G are one in the same...

Just as the ongoing, planned wars and the technology tyranny are one in the same and neither are distractions but basically the same operation.
Danny Edwards
If you believe everything I say, I don’t trust you. More importantly you shouldn’t trust yourself or you own opinion on this until you’ve researched it for yourself!

Knowledge alone is not enough know thyself...

Scio Te Ipsum - Verum Ordo Ad Chao

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The state should not have the right to kill people

if they can kill you under x, y and z reason then all they have to do is stitch you up for that crime and then kill you

its called a 'black bag operation' and it involves them killing dissidents and then planting offending articles on the body before they stuff them in a black bag
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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Default Opioids and The Narcotic-fueled Genocide of American Workers


‘President Trump’s claim that 116 ‘drug deaths’ occur every day (42,000 a year) is a major underestimate. In 2017, alone over 64,000 drug overdose deaths were reported in official statistics (with many unreported cases signed off as natural or undetermined, especially in counties too poor to afford autopsies and expensive forensic toxicology). Another 4 million Americans, at least, are currently addicted to opioids and at risk for overdose.

In comparative terms, more American workers have been killed or devastated by narcotics (mostly via prescription) in 2017 alone, than in the entire decade of the Vietnam War with its 58,000 dead and 500,000 wounded. In 2017, 40,000 Americans died in motor vehicle accidents and another 39,000 by gun violence – and these statistics are not broken down to include vehicular accidents due to drug intoxication or gun violence over drugs. Prescription or illegal opiates, alone or mixed with other sedative drugs, like Valium, or alcohol, are the most prominent and preventable cause of premature death in the United States today.’

Danny Edwards
If you believe everything I say, I don’t trust you. More importantly you shouldn’t trust yourself or you own opinion on this until you’ve researched it for yourself!

Knowledge alone is not enough know thyself...

Scio Te Ipsum - Verum Ordo Ad Chao
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Good on him, Heroin destroys communities and lives.
The Yanks have the death penalty anyway, who gives a shit about a dead Heroin dealer?

The pics of folk not wanting the death penalty for dealers of misery and death is an example of the kind of warped overly liberalised mind set many have these days.

Reminds me of the blacks in America that rioted over a drug dealer being shot.

No, he hasn't stopped big pharma yet, if this moves helps big pharma then he is likely to do that as it helps business in America, despite the hypocrisy.

Gotta start somewhere though, and most don't see big pharma as a problem.
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