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Default Hell Hole on Earth Discovered at Fukushima

Originally Posted by Dr. Sircus
Hell Hole on Earth Discovered at Fukushima

Most people think they have to die to go to hell
but that is not true anymore.

Today, in the mainstream press, they
announced the existence of a hell hole in Japan
at the destroyed nuclear power station at

We have a hot spot on our planet
that has never been imagined before and in
the face of it human technology is helpless.

At the levels of radiation now being found a
Fukushima, a robot would be able to operate
for less than two hours before it was
destroyed. And Japan's National Institute of
Radiological Sciences said medical professionals
had never even thought about encountering
this level of radiation in their work.

The accident is enormous in its medical
Through future years, too long to contemplate,
we will witness an epidemic of cancer as people
inhale the radioactive elements, eat radioactive
vegetables, rice and meat, and drink
radioactive milk and teas.

Confirmation of story in 'Japan Times':

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Dr Mark Sircus wrote books on Iodine(magnascent) and Transdermal Magnesium.

They should all be taking lots of Canadian MSM Sulphur to get rid of radiation and heavy metals..Think on about western treatments for cancers i.e radiation! the central cause and of course don't believe all diagnoses as you can get 'false positives' in test results and some while ago Dr's in America owned up to falsely diagnosing cancers for Big Pharma.

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So sad!
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