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Default West Coast Fisheries - Catastrophic Collapse

It is predicted that the 2017 salmon season on the West Coast of the United States will be catastrophic. The Yurok tribe, who fish along the Klamath River, are saying that the fishery is gone. The Pacific Fishery Management Council is considering writing off the entire season, such is the lack of abundance of salmon. Anyone who has ever fished in those beautiful waters knows what an unprecedented disaster this will be.

Salmon runs are dying; the sardines are gone as are the squid, sea urchins, and even the kelp. It is an environmental holocaust. But still the MSM keeps ignoring Fukushima...

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It's been going on since before fukishima though that no doubt is having a massive impact as well

we are putting so many endocrine disruptors into the environment that they are gender bending fish which is causing a crash in fish stocks
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Some guy rang into the Michael Savage show the other night to say that Fukushima can't be causing the fishery collapse because the half life of the radiation is too short.

What a load of crap.
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