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Default Chemtrail Snot

The real snowflake is formed around a dust particle in a cirrus cloud. dust is sparse at the altitude they form at. As the wind blows around the seed the flake gathers moisture forming a crystal structure. When it gets heavy enough it drops to the ground. Real snowflakes refract light the same way a cut and polished diamond does.

If you turn on a light at night and you don't see the red, yellow, blue. green, and white refracted light you are seeing chemtrail snot. Real snow does not come down in little white balls or tiny white blank sheets. Real snow continues to refract light until the surface temperatures go above freezing on the surface. That is the point in time when the crystal structure becomes to degraded to refract light like a diamond does.

I want to point out to you that you do not see pictures of snowflakes like you used to on the net. A real snow flake is an endangered species. What you do see coming down is polymers mixed with toxic metals and partial cells. Polymers are falling out all the time. They do not stay fell, you can find pictures of polymer cobwebs on the ground. They do not stay there they dissipate and get blown back into the atmosphere. Chemtrail cough got you down, you are lucky you do not have fibrosis.

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