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Default Thank you David!

The press conference is almost unreal. It's like the emperor talking to children, which is not far from the truth. I first began to read and listen to David only about a year ago and it changed my life completely. I remember way back when I first saw the books about reptilians and thought he was mad. I now know how I was thinking and why. In his latest book he's got many references to Stewart Swerdlow and also has a link here to Stewart's and Janet's expansions web site. I was at Brixton this year and have met with Stewart and Janet as well. All this in combination with writers and artists like Matthew Delooze, Neil Hague and others out there, the stage is set - choose wisely, and remember, you are a mind using a body right now - get out of the trap - it's not too late! Be well, Per L
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yes thought he did a great job,didn't seem to be much press there were any nationals in there?
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Originally Posted by curly View Post
yes thought he did a great job,didn't seem to be much press there were any nationals in there?
there was more press than i thought would be there.10 on david.
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