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Default silk road shutdown: fear based mind control?

When there was the news of Prism and Snowden I heard speculations that the surveillance wasn't anything new and that the Snowden incident was a planned mind control event. That it would make people paranoid, fearful, and to make them censor themselves and make themselves less likely to express or even have opinions that go outside the boundaries of what society expects of you. This makes our individual behaviours more collectivist, conformist and passive and less questioning, threatening and proactive. The population then is much more easily controlled and enslaved. We thus give our power away, even though it is unknowingly or subconsciously. One example could be that more and more totalitarian laws are made or that society changes in some other way for the gain of the dark side. It might be to wake us up, I don't know, that's something I'm thinking about a lot.

What if Silk Road was run by the ptb from the beginning, or alternatively hijacked later on, for the purpose of staging a fear based mind control operation.

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Default bigger than you would think..

Definitly true, it just leads to one another.

If you fear, despise, are desperate, frustrated, ego-survival mode on, feel lost, anger, rage..and/or do not deal with your emotions properly, you do not serve your purpose, thereby being enslaved in a day to day misery. You can be manipulated, and war's are just that - manipulations.

As are most natural disasters, as they are afflicted by man alone, but in a way. Think in terms of ,,God's punishment'' or ,,the law of karma'' , being manipulated to suit the few who practice free will selfish psychopathic stuff. Think of a huge debt which would be paid nation wide to be fair. And then, if you were able to move the weight of the karmic debt away to someone, without them knowing. That is WW3 technology beyond reason. The knowledge is, as in the physical, very important in the spiritual.

You will more likely sell your soul, remove emotions which means removing one's identity, start living ,,yolo'' or commit suicide. You will cause yourself terror, and others in the physical or emotional realm. That is the true war - terror. The fight between the physical and the emotional, if you are ego driven - you become a psychopath, free will beyond what is supposed to be by the law of nature, thereby causing others pain, which is why they will more likely turn to ego defence mechanisms... That by the law of attraction comes back to you in the physical...

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