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Thumbs down Senate Bill Might Ban Unbreakable Encryption

A new draft bill making the rounds on Capitol Hill would force technology companies to decode encrypted messages when ordered to by a court, and might outlaw unbreakable encryption.

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The bill, which is at the moment only a discussion draft that is completely open to revision, is sponsored by Sen. Richard Burr, R-North Carolina, and Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-California. Together they head the Senate Intelligence Committee.

"No person or entity is above the law," the bill states. "A covered entity that receives a court order from a government for information or data shall provide such information or data to such government in an intelligible format; or provide such technical assistance as is necessary to obtain such information or data in an intelligible format or to achieve the purpose of the court order."


Lets hope they don't pass a bill like this. Only tyrannical corrupt governments, hell bent on spying on there citizens want to ban encryption, unbreakable encryption and add more back doors. Only a matter of time before the try and bring this in all over the world.
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Technology will eventually, be used to enslave the human race. Time to wake up.
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Good discussion of this over on MacRumors (sic).
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senate bill, unbreakable, want to ban encryption

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