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Default Diamond Shaped Eyes

I have something to add here which may be of benefit to people trying to learn about the ETs out there in society. Also about the Kingship of Tara which is still carried on to this day. At any one time about 300 individuals are involved. Men and women seem to know little of the Kingship. The Archons (Reptoids) know all about it. They told me once they observe the Kingship, they don't have to but they do. I believe the King is always a man but Tara herself is an inter-dimensional being who wants freedom for men. Of course some would say The Archons are not ET’s at all, just another race here on Planet Earth. Anyway as a starting point for this note, I've seen a Reptoid with diamond shaped pupils, he encouraged me to take note of this. This one that I was working with gave me a lot of information about them. They're not male or female but this one had the appearance of a regular man. He once told me that he was an 'it' not a 'he'. I also saw it shape-shift into full Reptoid form. I remember noting how tall they are with broad shoulders and a muscular appearance, they appear to be built for battle, and the skin seemed like armor. From my experience the shape-shift usually happens when they become angry for some reason. It was this individual that told me of the Irish Kingship and that there’s a new King every year. This was 1995/1996 and obviously I thought that tradition had ceased. He told me they kept it going. Another experience I had in 1998 was equally unusual. My flatmate turned out to be Reptoid. This one also gave me a lot of information. One example that may be of interest is - it told me mankind lives in a simulation. They (The Reptoids) move in and out of the simulation (The Matrix). At the time it was becoming more difficult to get out of the illusion. Sometimes they couldn't exit and had to try again a bit later. I don't know how difficult it is in 2015 but I suspect that's still the case. Also I was told because I'd traveled to Sydney Australia (where this occurred) all of that area had to be written into the Matrix by code writers. I was given the impression that I was causing a lot of trouble for (what I describe) as middle management. This one (my flatmate) also told me that some humans live forever, but not me, because of the family I chose to be born into. On this topic a school friend of mine back in the 80's told me his family live in a different reality, only entering into (what I consider to be the real world) this reality to be at school ect. The rules of the Matrix are very old and hierarchical. David Icke speaks about this topic but what I've just written is from personal experience. I’ve never heard him speak about the Irish Kingship, that’s part of my story too.

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