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Lightbulb Evidence that a plane did not hit the Pentagon

One of the biggest problems currently facing the 9/11 truth movement is the fact that they cannot agree on whether or not a plane hit the Pentagon. While many 9/11 truthers find the idea that a plane hit the Pentagon to be ludicrous, the problem stems from the fact that the 150 or so Pentagon attack witnesses all said they saw the plane hit the Pentagon, including the witnesses who had no ties whatsoever to the government. Because of this, some 9/11 truthers say that instead of debating whether or not a plane hit the Pentagon, we should consider that question to be unimportant and instead explain that the Pentagon was not hit by a plane that was under the control of al-Qaida because as long as we debate whether or not a plane hit the Pentagon then those who support and defend the official story of 9/11 can use our inability to agree on something against us. Even David Ray Griffin supports this mentality in his book “9/11 Ten Years Later: When State Crimes Against Democracy Succeed” in which he explains in the relevant chapter how you can prove the plane that was flying in the vicinity of the Pentagon was not under the control of al-Qaida and why that is the key point to address.

But I beg to differ on this one. After looking into this, I feel that David Ray Griffin and all the 9/11 truthers who support this have made a terrible oversight, and that is the idea that maybe the witnesses were tricked into thinking that they saw the plane hit the Pentagon. Is it possible that maybe the plane flew over the Pentagon in accordance with the explosion in such a manner that the witnesses were duped? Well, after seeing the documentary “The PentaCon-Smoking Gun Version” (), and after grasping the science behind inattentional blindness, I think it perfectly safe to assert that the reason the witnesses thought they saw the plane hit the Pentagon when it flew over was because they were tricked by the slight-of-hand illusion of inattentional blindness.

One of the best ways to illustrate how this works is a simple elementary school magic trick in which the magician holds both hands in front of him and in one hand tosses up a coin over and over and then when the audience is not expecting it the magician pretends to toss the coin to the other hand. The audience thought they saw the coin get fly over from one hand to the other, but the inattentional blindness mechanism (a survival mechanism which every human has) tricked them into seeing the coin fly over when it actually didn’t. Likewise, it tricked the Pentagon witnesses into seeing the plane hit the Pentagon when it didn’t, and the plane disappeared behind the smoke that was coming from the Pentagon explosion. All of this is explained in “The PentaCon-Smoking Gun Version” in the last 15 minutes or so of the documentary (they don’t mention the phrase “inattentional blindness,” but they imply it when they explain the witnesses were tricked by a slight-of-hand illusion.) And to my knowledge, this is the only 9/11 documentary to date that considers this. I think many 9/11 truthers (especially David Ray Griffin) must look into this.

And did a missile hit the Pentagon? That is a question for another article. However, it should be noted that while the surveillance camera footage seems to show a missile, we cannot use this film as evidence because, as Griffin explained in his previously mentioned book, the two surveillance videos of the Pentagon attack have been tampered with so that when you try to synchronize the two videos you will find that the alleged missile’s “nose” is in back of its “tail.” This proves the U.S. government tampered with evidence, no question about that! However, because they did this, it implies that we cannot assume that the object in the video truly was a missile. Therefore, while I believe that proving that a plane did not hit the Pentagon is possible, I do not think we should suggest that a missile hit the Pentagon because the only evidence that suggests a missile is those videos which were undoubtedly tampered with.
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