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Default Phantom Self: Notes and Queries

I found it a very thought-provoking book and it helped to make sense of the craziness of the world around us. Whilst reading I noted down the things which cropped up for me.

Anyway, I don't know if anyone has any ideas about the following or if David himself can fill in the gaps....

1. Have animals been infected by the archon virus as well as humans?

2. Are reptiles the same frequency as archons?

3. If humans in the golden age had access to a larger consciousness, telepathy, remote viewing and what we no call genius, why were we duped into thinking the “flyers” were gods? Especially if it is accepted that heart-based society connecting with super consciousness is far more advanced than mind-based technology? How did we get “tricked”?

4. What was the human level of technological sophistication during the Golden Age? After the catastrophe we seemed to be back at knocking rocks together.

5. Are Greys/Reptilians fully possessed beings of the distortion? Are they beings who were free but are now completely possessed by the distortion?

6. Does the term Hive mind mean possession, machine like predictable response to stimuli, programmed?

7. If humans were genetically engineered after “the fall” why didn't they make everyone hybrids rather than just the 4 or 5% which comprise the elites which are more susceptible to possession?

8. The reptilian brain was not there before “the fall” yet it is the most primitive/oldest part of the brain. How come?

9. Have animals also been genetically reprogrammed too, considering that in the Golden Age there was no predator prey relationship?

10. Does this “awakening” and “falling” happen in cycles? David says we are on the verge of freeing ourselves from the tyranny. Is this a phase before we again succumb to it?

11. If our perceived reality is a computer simulation and much of our universe is a result of click, click, enter. Why don't “they” just click and enter catastrophic climate change as it would serve their agenda of control and depopulation very effectively?

12. How is it that the “truth vibrations” coming from the sun not be firewalled if our reality can be manipulated by the unseen “programmer”?

13. Why do satanists focus on the male child for sacrifice?
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