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Default How do you read David's books?

So far I've read Lifting the Veil and I am me, I am free. Several times in both books I re-read certain passages to try and familiarise myself better with David's beliefs and knowledge of world history. I've now started The Robot's Rebellion and after that have ...and the truth shall set you free, The Biggest Secret, Human Race Get off Your Knees and The Perception Deception to look forward to.

The first two I read were short books but still packed with information. All the other's I have gradually contain more pages and in depth theories which made me wonder how members of the forum approach reading David's work?

I see the 4 big books I have more as text books and don't envisage myself being able to absorb it all in one reading. Do you make notes when reading the books, or highlights specific bits of text for reference?

Be very interested to know how you read David's books.

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I've only read Human Race Get Off you Knees. The main body of the book is 645 pages. It was a struggle to get through it but I was determined to complete it. It took me about 6 weeks. DI is a great researcher and I am grateful for his work, but this book was not easy to read. Dense with facts. I wrote down a few names to research on the internet but that was it. Then I started to search on youtube on phrases like "Rothchilds" "reptilians" and so on. Then I stumbled on the Higherside Chats podcasts which I really like and have listened to a lot of those.

My approach is to just let the information wash over me without trying to "figure out what is true". I have come to conclusions about some things and not sure about other things. I am just listening and reading and see where my life takes me from here.
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I read in bits; I will start with a part that looks interesting, that then cross-references into another part and very soon the whole book has been read, although maybe not in the sequence DI wanted! I don't agree with everything, but the majority certainly makes more sense than half of the jumped up claptrap I've seen touted as 'truth' in the past. It is like putting a jigsaw together without the design; irritating at first until you find out which bits fit where..
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The big books are so awkward to handle that I find they are best read as ebooks. Yeah, you can't really skip around in them that way, make margin notes you can easily come back to later, or just browse topics, but since I'm still on my first reading of each book, that's fine. I pause as I go to look up interesting or question-raising names/places/events/etc. mentioned.
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The first two DI books that I purchased were "And the Truth Shall Set You Free" and "Children of the Matrix" back in 2009. I was blown away by the information and so impressed with Icke's unique connect-the-dots style of writing that I quickly bought the rest of his books soon after. It wasn't until about 2 or 3 years ago that I set out to find Icke's earlier books, particularly the material he wrote in the late 80's and early 90's i.e. "It Doesn't Have To Be Like This", "Truth Vibrations", "Days of Decision", "In the Light of Experience", and "Heal the World". All of these books are exceptionally well written and highly interesting. Icke explores many metaphysical subjects extensively in these works that I have not seen discussed in great detail in his later material. I have not bought a copy of "Love Changes Everything" yet, but I am eager to give it a read. This early era I feel is often overlooked by Icke's readers which is a shame, because they are missing out on some good reading!

And yes, it's quite useful to have a pen and paper handy when you're reading some of DI's books. As I'm reading I like to take notes to use for later research purposes when I'm cross checking/referencing information on the Net and elsewhere.
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I usually read his books using pinhole glasses.
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I use David Books as reference books. The other day I was unsure about something on the subject of "Agenda 21" so the first port of call was The Perception Deception (I couldnt get on my computer at the time). Anyway, I then started to cross reference other linked subjects that I came across in the book. That's how I read David's books
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My reading record is crap but Ickes work I can stay interested in reading. I like the manner in which he writes. Gee Steveng you aint gonna read "Remember who you are" or did you forget to type it? That was the first of Ickes books I read and I never finished it, got about 3/4 though. I'm not what is called "a reader". I have read some of "The Perception Deception"(and flicked through it) and that is one book that I recommend to people, it explains so much and its hard to deny there is a major global conspiracy after reading it. His books are great but for an easier and quicker way to see what he is saying his videos are brilliant.
I read it with my tin foil crown on. There is divine royalty as opposed to satanic royalty, as everyone knows. From one newbie to another, welcome to one of the greatest forums to ever exist.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PgX8l9AgzE -useful information to decode 'their' spells...btw its not pleasant, and can be depressing.(but dont worry its all changing) Enjoy!
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I've given up on trying to remember everything in THE PERCEPTION DECEPTION. Now I just read it continually.
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My method is to read cover to cover and if I feel I have not absorbed enough content repeat. My mind is fucked so not sure how efficient this method is but it is the only way I can read. Getting out of the habit or rereading paragraphs. Too slow and if you do not get it the first time you will not get it the second time immediately. Rather the books had different physical dimensions because the lines are too long for comfortable scanning.
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On a submarine, I usually read them on a submarine.
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Generally quite slowly, just to make sure it gets lodged in the memory for later on.
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