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Default Consent of the Masses

How many members are there in the Illuminati? I've heard 300, but there's no way for me to confirm that number. The Olympians, the Lazy Boys (anyone who strives for success is not part of the very top of the pyramid ((the glowing part with the eye))), whatever you want to call them – there's not many of them. Sure, they have plenty of henchmen, but most of those are compartmentalized and unenlightened. They have a handful of trusted disciples (Rockefellers, Rothschilds, etc), but those are just glorified servants.

That reminds me, I read an interesting quote the other day: (paraphrase) “The police forces and armies of the world are not our enemies – they are the slaves of our enemies.”

After a decade of enthusiastic conspiracy research, something unsettling dawned on me:

The masses run the show. It's a simple numbers game – seven billion proles versus a handful of men and women is a big deal, even if the masses are drastically overpowered by advanced technology – any farmer will tell you, a stampede is a stampede, and if all the sheeple stampeded at the exact same time it would be absolute pandemonium. The Lazy Boys would probably survive (as they always have), but their entire global civilization would be trampled to dust under the hooves of the raving discontent of the proletariat.

A peaceful protest would be the way to go, though. If everyone in America refused to go to work or use any machines until the NSA was disbanded, the NSA would be disbanded. Or Homeland Security, or the TSA. But it would only work if every single American sheeple participated. The masses could use that tactic to get whatever they wanted from the elite, whenever they wanted it.

Which means that, at the end of the day, the elite can only do what the masses allow them to do, right? Maybe on a subconscious level the masses demand an authoritarian society because it's easier when someone is making all your decisions for you. Or they're masochists who worship psychopathic sadists and get off on being abused by muscle-bound goons with machine guns and subtly manipulated by psycholinguistics on a daily basis. Either way, this society that we're living in is apparently the society the collective has collectively approved of. Sure, there are a few outsiders, but those are easy enough to appease or ignore.

When I first had this thought it made me want to not be a conspiracy journalist anymore. When the Borg says, “Resistance is futile,” I don't think it's trying to sound tough – I think it's stating a simple fact – if the collective has subconsciously agreed on something, there's not much to be done to stop it. This is kind of depressing but perhaps on a subconscious level the masses

Want to be chemtrailed.

Want to be spied on.

Want to be lied to.

Want to be punished for their supposed transgressions.

Want to bring about the Technological Singularity which will assimilate all organic matter into the machine hive and create a physical manifestation of Satan (the Enemy) in our dimension who will attempt to freeze time forever to escape the judgment of God (the Creator).

Sigh, are we such a wicked generation? Can we awake from our sleep before the final bell tolls?
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