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Default The Ultimate Crux Of The Gatekeeper/Whistleblower

During a conference that was planned by Ted Mahr in June 2016 in Washington State, one of the speakers said that Edward Snowden would release documents that basically proved the 9/11 truth movement was right all along. Here we are almost 2 years later and Snowden has released no such thing.

Ted Mahr spoke at this past LAX Conscious Life Expo and I asked him what the holdup was for Snowden's 9/11 Truth validation documents. Ted got uncomfortable and said he would like to talk to me after the workshop about the issue. Naturally, the whole audience asked Ted to tell everyone the truth as everyone at the conference wanted EVERYONE to know the truth. Ted then said “the powers that be who still have control have said that they will murder innocent people if Snowden validated 9/11 Truth.” And Ted Mahr was channeling a higher level consciousness entity when he said this.

That my friends is the crux of the problem regarding the awakening of humanity. In order to wake up, we must not give in to intimidation and fear. And if people do die because whistleblowers ignored the threat, the most acceptable answer to people being killed is “no worries, it’s just infinite consciousness.”

So could all the wanna-be whisleblowers out there please not concern yourself with people dying because of your actions! If people get sacrificed then you can be sure their heart soul essence will live on and the lost ones will be able to help us in ways similar to how Obi Wan Kenobe helped Luke Skywalker on the other side after he was killed (STAR WARS=TRUTH UNDER GUISE OF FICTION).
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