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Talking Is NSA surveillance a laughing matter?

Ever since Ed Snowden's revelations, many people have actually been able to make jokes out of the surveillance state. Mention how the NSA is spying on you through your appliances (and even controlling your appliances) and you might just hear people chuckle and giggle about it. Someone I know recently made a joke about the NSA flushing mechanical toilets and everyone present laughed.

Should we make a joke out of NSA spying? Some people would say that we shouldn't as they insist that these NSA actions which violate our rights are nothing to joke about. But in all honesty, I beg to differ. After all, the power elites don't want us to mock them in comical ways, so seeing that people can make a joke out of NSA spying and laugh about it isn't a bad thing.

But this most certainly does not mean that we shouldn't try to stop the illegal snooping of the NSA as well as the NSA's of other nations. The snooping ain't about safety; it's about TYRANNY! If it was about safety, then they wouldn't have denied doing it in congressional testimony before Snowden's revelations, which they did. There are many reasons for this spying, but there are 3 primary reasons:
1. To predict the future to engage in insider trading on the stock market
2. To prevent whistleblowers from coming out
3. To keep the common people in a state of control and helplessness (people do act like they have less free will if they are under perpetual surveillance)
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