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So sun becomes a red giant in december this year? This is a process that should take at least 5 billion years yet is happening in like 8 months? I heard many theories on 2012 but this one has to be the WORST!
Ecclesiastes 11:7 "The light is sweet, and it is delightful for the eyes to see the sun"
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Astralwalker... are you out there still???

Any thoughts on what did or did not happen on dec 21, 2012?

I was quite interested in your theories, which seems well-researched -- or at least well-written! And actually seemed plausible, at least IMO.

Seems to be that none of it came to pass.

Was wondering if you -- or anyone else who followed this thread -- had anything to say about this?

(Yeah, I'm kind of resurrecting on old thread here.)
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Originally Posted by joya View Post
Astralwalker... are you out there still???

Any thoughts on what did or did not happen on dec 21, 2012?

I was quite interested in your theories, which seems well-researched -- or at least well-written! And actually seemed plausible, at least IMO.

Seems to be that none of it came to pass.

Was wondering if you -- or anyone else who followed this thread -- had anything to say about this?

(Yeah, I'm kind of resurrecting on old thread here.)
You should be aware of Laura Knight-Jadczyk 19 years work. She got a message in 2009 that the Mayan Calendar would end in 2014. Here it goes:
Q: (Joe) A lot of the New Agers are gonna be disappointed in 2012.

A: 2012 is a distraction. We have repeatedly talked about the open nature of the future. It is always open until the probabilities begin to collapse, such as now. But macro-collapses take some "time".

Q: (L) So you're saying that there is a macro-collapse that has already begun?

A: Yes

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Default 2018 Update


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“The Awakening” is a series of four non-fiction books that will take the reader to a magnificent metaphysical journey throughout the Universe. They are the product of the author’s life work and it took him three years to complete them, in their entire complexity. In these books, he did his best to transfer all his research about the hidden nature of the reality we live in, work that many other researchers can benefit from. His hope is, that the books will find their way into the hands of people that are ready for this knowledge, but especially those who vibrate with the same vibrational frequency, who also have heard the inner call and who will be willing to continue this work and take it to the next level.

The way they are written, each of these four books is one piece of the puzzle. Only when all four pieces are combined, will the reader have the complete perspective of the hidden reality we are living in today. From ancient human civilizations on planet Earth, to the modern UFO phenomenon and confirmed extraterrestrial presence in our solar system, the human being is somewhere in the middle, trying to figure out what we truly are, who created us, where do we come from, and equally important…what are we doing here and where are we going. The Volume 1 deals with many different subjects combined in one powerful unity. It is a solid preparation for everything that will be covered in Volume 2, 3 and 4.

It starts with the author’s personal view of the Universe, how it came to be, how it functions, our location and place in it. The ultimate harmony and the fractal design found all over the Universe, clearly shows a signature of an intelligent Creator. In parallel, using the best science to date as a background, a beautiful esoteric projection has been developed, with a purpose to provide a lot better perspective of the immaterial part of the Universe.

To achieve this, the author encompassed ancient traditions, information given to him by extraterrestrial intelligence, science and metaphysics, as the study of the necessary, eternal, and completely universal aspects of reality. Combining all aspects of research into one, he clearly expresses his views that the Universe is one gigantic communication system.

Step by step, the author goes deeper and deeper into the enigma of human genetics, sharing his understanding of the hidden connections between the DNA software and the consciousness. In parallel, he shares the research of top scientists and experts in the field, confirming that the DNA can teleport itself to distant cells via electromagnetic signals. However, this quantum teleportation of genetic material is only the tip of the iceberg, and the author goes a lot deeper explaining the higher functions of human phantom DNA and that some extraterrestrial species also present in this solar system, secretly harness human genetic material.

The author clearly indicates that the DNA is more than just physical substance and that it does not apply only to the biological body that the consciousness currently occupies, but also to all other six immaterial bodies that the consciousness is connected to. During deep sleep, once the consciousness is out of biological body, collecting vital astral energy, there is a wireless connection through photons, between the immaterial “astral phantom DNA” and the actual physical DNA inside the biological body.

The most fascinating aspect of this part of the book is the description of an extraterrestrial involvement into reprograming human DNA software. After decades of long research, filtering data and firsthand experience, the author has concluded that the human race has been and still is exploited in so many ways by at least a few extraterrestrial species. These extraterrestrial species have been around for at least 12,000 years.

He also concluded that there is sufficient evidence that not all extraterrestrial species present in this solar system are negative and manipulative in nature, and that they are sometimes in conflict with the abusive ones. Some species want to help human species reactivate its lost genetic functionality and to evolve again, while others want to keep the “status quo” of human perception and understanding, so they can continue their deceptive and exploitative activities as long as they can. The effort to try to understand what is going on, from the input generated only by the five senses, is not enough for the human race to fully understand what is happening and how to break free from this subtle manipulation and deception.

He agrees that it is a start and necessary part of the process, but according to him, the real chance for humans getting their freedom back, is in the awakening of their latent potentials. Therefore, at this stage of the book, he is slowly and gradually moving towards the explanation about the human consciousness and its connection to the Force. Therefore, the power within is explained in full detail.

From ancient Qi Gong system trained in parallel with Shaolin Kung Fu, to Tai Chi Chuan, ancient Kundalini Yoga, Pranayama and Tantra Yoga system…the Qi, Chi, Prana or Kundalini, whatever terminology we want to use for this power within, a full overview is given. Once the necessary theoretical input is provided to the reader, the author is slowly turning the book into a training manual for awakening human latent potentials. He explains that the life force itself is coming from higher dimensions of the Universe, through a medium called Psionic medium.

This medium, also known as Psionic Field, stands for the infinitive ocean of divine energetic substance that runs throughout the entire Universe. He claims that he was given information from extraterrestrial intelligence, that there is an effective way for the consciousness to access this Psionic Field. Planet Earth, as the entire solar system, as the entire galaxy, the cluster and the supercluster, is connected with this gigantic Psionic Field. Based on given instructions, the author has developed a functional meditation method that allows the human consciousness to penetrate into the Psionic Field.

He has divided the method into five separate systems that are described in high detail, with step by step instructions. They advise the student how to breathe, how to remain in pure/empty consciousness for a longer time and uninterrupted by the thoughts that are keeping the Primary system active; how to make the mental efforts needed for the human brain to reboot from the Primary into the Secondary system, which efficiently provides both extrasensory perception (ESP) and altered states of consciousness.

A complete overview of the Remote Viewing (RV) process is given and how it can be utilized by the consciousness to its fullest. The author clearly states that in order to master all five systems, we first need to understand the electrical patterns appearing inside the cerebral lobes. All humans display five different types of electrical patterns or “brain waves” across the cortex. It is essential for the student to understand the connection between these 5 brain waves and the consciousness. Only when the student has reached a point of self-development where he/she can recognize which brain waves appeared across the cortex with a certain breathing rhythm, mental effort or energy pressure applied, he/she will be in a position to control how his/her brain functions. Especially the function of the Pineal gland and right Angular Gyrus.

The author further elaborates that following the steps of the meditative procedure will result a fine tuning between the human brain frequency and the Schumann Resonance (SR) of planet Earth. Furthermore, this fine tuning will result with the Pineal gland starting to naturally produce DMT bio-chemical compound inside the brain. DMT is short for “Dimethyltryptamine”, which is a powerful psychoactive substance. This psychoactive substance will light up and activate rarely used brain connections which further activate the human “Third Eye”.

The mental screen in front of the closed eyes will light up and the consciousness will see visions of things and remote places, by means other than the known senses, but only by penetrating and exploring the Psionic Field. This Psionic Field stretches throughout all seven Planes of existence, via a gigantic energy network.

The author fully explains that at the beginning stage of the RV, the observation and the extraction of information is limited only to the Etheric Plane of existence, but in time, as the training stage progresses, the student becomes capable of taking a step further by replacing the RV with a direct projection of the consciousness into the Astral Plane.

The Third system, deals with controlled out of body experience (OBE).

Astral projection refers to an out of body experience during which the astral body leaves the physical body and travels to the Astral dimension. The importance of a short time interval (probably seven seconds), Kundalini energy charge powering the right Angular Gyrus is fully explained. Without it, the Third system cannot function properly. The density of a certain dimension of existence is important. Out of the seven dimensions that exist in the Universe, the Astral dimension is the third lowest on the scale, with the Physical dimension being the densest. With the help of the astral projection new horizons are opening up to us, showing us that death as such do not exist, and that it is only a transition of the consciousness from the physical into the immaterial world. The book continues with the possible occurrence of the Fourth system during RV mode, which is an electronic one-way transmission sent by Shadow Government’s secret installations similar to HAARP (The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program).

These electronic transmissions often have military implications, so there are steps that the remote viewer can take to protect himself/herself from eventual harmful frequencies that can induce artificially manifested visions inside the human consciousness.

Out of all five systems the fifth is the most fascinating.

The Fifth system deals with establishing a telepathic two-way communication with friendly extraterrestrial intelligence. In most cases, this extraterrestrial intelligence does not engage into direct telepathic contact until it is absolutely sure that the human being is ready for it.

The next part deals with the sleeping time. If we take into consideration that no matter how many days we sleep, if we sleep for 1/3 of our day (8 hours) for our entire life, we will sleep for 1/3 of our entire life!

That is a lot of time spent in sleeping. Most people consider the sleeping time useless, since the awareness is missing. The author clearly explains that while we are sleeping, we are already on the Astral Plane, but due to low genetic functionality and existence of alien holographic software, we are not aware of our presence there. There are many factors that are in the play here. Therefore he provides a gradual explanation of the entire phenomena and how to achieve conscious out of body experience during sleeping. As mentioned, during the sleeping time, the astral body of the human being departs from the physical host and enters the Astral Plane where it starts collecting life force energy that is essential for existence.

The entire recharging process is fully explained, which gives valuable clues to the student, of how the dynamics of the energy transfer between the astral, etheric and physical body works. The following chapters deal with dreaming programs of holographic nature; why we are perceiving them inside the Astral Plane or how they are artificially manifested inside our consciousness.

A complete elaboration of four sources that the dreaming programs can originate from, are given. The author takes the entire human understanding of what dreams really are to a whole new level. The first and the second source of dreams, originate from the shallow and deeper levels of our consciousness. The third source is quite interesting since it is embedded directly into the substance of the astral matter.

However, the fourth source of the dreams, is most complex and most bizarre, since in a small percentage it originates from projections transmitted by old immaterial living astral entities, but mostly originates from dark alien entities that are using very advanced technology to create a kind of holographic mask inside the Astral Plane, which prevents the human consciousness to gain full awareness there.

There are many reasons for such holographic deception. Some of them are to not allow humans to have controlled astral excursions that will reveal the daily presence of alien ships inside the Astral Plane, not visible from the physical dimension. Furthermore, these conscious astral excursions will also reveal that these large flying objects are sending smaller flying vehicles or plasma orbs to perform various tasks, such as alien abductions, implantation of microscopic tracking devices or alien implants, alien cross breeding and genetic engineering programs, as well as many other activities that the human population is not aware that are happening.

The majority of these abusive alien creatures reside in the Saturn system. Huge cylindrical flying objects have been detected at the velocity of Saturn and the fourth book is dealing with their activities. They are artificially engineering the rings of Saturn to serve as a powerful antenna to transmit and upload a super advanced alien software inside Earth’s natural astral layer. This alien software creates a Hologram inside the Astral Plane, sensitive to human subconscious fears, which results with the appearance of negative emotional energy charge (very often as a feeling of suffering). This negative vibrational energy is then collected by certain type of orbs and taken back to the alien ships. During his astral travels, the author have seen this happening quite often and the dynamic is fully explained in the third book.

The first book continues with an explanation that there is a difference how the consciousness departs the biological body during the process known as astral projection. Simplified, the astral body can operate on two vibrational frequencies that can provide a different performance to the consciousness. The technique of how to depart the physical body with the astral body, that vibrates on a higher frequency, which allows a far better performance, is fully given and one just needs to follow the instructions.

This part of the book also deals with the so called “Sleep paralysis” phenomenon. Sleep paralysis is a phenomenon during which an individual is unable to move during falling asleep or awakening, but is aware of their surroundings. The author provides the techniques of how to safely exit the Sleep paralysis state and to use it as an advantage to rise the Kundalini energy, to achieve high quality astral traveling.

As the book progresses to its final stages, attention is given to the fundamental Cosmic Law that does not approve the violence or killing of anything that was also given life and has the same right to be here.

Then the book continues with a given reference about the most determined and strongest spiritual seekers who have separated from the physical reality and entered a deep meditation that leads to ultimate liberation. The stories of the most powerful Yogis who are capable of staying in deep meditation for months or years, sitting completely still in some cave in the remote Himalayas are not rare at all.

People that live in Tibet, Nepal or India see these Yogis and adepts from time to time, when they exit their caves, to pass important knowledge or instructions to their disciples. An ordinary consciousness would perceive that these people are out of their mind, sitting in the freezing cold in some cave, doing nothing, staring in rocks, but this is far from the truth.

Most of these Yogis have mastered astral projection and they do not stay in those caves, only their physical bodies do. For days, months or even longer, they are out of their bodies exploring the Astral Plane and beyond. Their psionic power is so strong that they can visit other solar systems and explore the Universe in their unique chosen ways. These adepts are the true keepers of the precious knowledge of Ancient Yoga. As they are preparing for Nirvana, they train their self-aware consciousness to utilize all of its seven hosts and to achieve constant multidimensional presence.

The final part of the book, points towards the conclusion that the human species are evolving at an accelerated rate. The human race is changing fast, children are being born with more active DNA and start to form triple DNA structure earlier.

Since the human DNA is also an antenna, it simply responds to the received galactic signals that are directing the DNA molecule to reconfigure itself. That means that in the near future, more and more of the children, will be born with increased DNA potential. That will allow them to communicate telepathically, see auras, use telekinesis, achieve controlled out of body journeys and utilize many other abilities that are natural to the consciousness. This may take up to a hundred years to take full swing, but it is on the horizon and it will happen.

It will be just a matter of time before they will figure out what is going on in this solar system and see right through the alien deception. Many people believe that the so called Illuminati are the real problem, but that is not true. They are certainly part of the problem, part of the establishment that is enslaving the human population, but they do not run the show. As more children are born with the same or similar gifts as a natural result of evolution that is currently happening, they will start to explore the idea to unite their energy. When this progresses to a sufficient level, their divine power will be able to resist the negative extraterrestrial alliance and to eventually stop them. As the new children will use combined mental power to stop all the conflicts and end all suffering on this planet, their divine love will transform this world into living paradise.

The process has already begun. Even if the powers at be, find a way to stop these books to reach the right people, they cannot stop the process. The information will still emerge inside the Matrix in one way or another. The author is only one of many that incarnated here on Earth, more than four decades ago with a specific purpose to start the process. The process will happen in stages. Soon many more, will take a physical form, to finalize the process...

Stay tuned for the info of the other book.
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Volume 3 is the third piece of the puzzle and it deals with many different subjects combined in one powerful unity.

Once the material is assimilated, everything that was written in the “Awakening” Volume 1 and 2, starts to make sense. Furthermore, in its entire complexity, without Volume 1, 2 and 3, deeper understanding of the final Volume 4 cannot be achieved.

Chronologically, Volume 3 begins with human efforts to extend the limitation of seeing into the invisible Universe.

When we look into the Electromagnetic Spectrum, we see less than 1/10 Billionth of the information that’s riding out there. In other words, we are only seeing a “tiny fraction” of the gigantic invisible Universe, that we call visible light.

As explained in Volume 1 and 2, the extraterrestrial civilizations that are present in this solar system, have the capacity not just to cross the vast distances of space, but also have the capacity to literally move their space vehicles through dimensions.

By default, that means that we are not able to see their spaceships, simply because they are cruising through the invisible Universe and they are out of the range of visible light.

Therefore, the subject of special interest to the Shadow Government is to monitor the heavy UFO traffic in the solar system, especially around the Sun, in many wavelengths simultaneously and in high resolution.

While a lot can be learn about the Sun by observing it in the visible spectrum, that knowledge can be greatly expanded by observing the different wavelengths that are invisible to the human eye.

That is why special telescopes were built, so the Shadow Government, through their workers – “scientists”, can learn about the Sun’s composition, activity, and keep a closer and more accurate eye on UFOs activities like shooting laser beams into the solar surface, opening Sun-Gates and moving in or out of the Sun, on a daily basis.

The appearance of these Sun-Gates or Stargates, whatever terminology we like to use, is solid proof that the extraterrestrials are far surpassing our technological knowledge and understanding of how the Universe functions and how it is interconnected.

These Sun-Gates will covered in detail in Volume 4.

The second chapter deals with the Kardashev scale which is a method of measuring a civilization’s level of technological advancement, based on the amount of energy a civilization is able to use for communication.

In 1964, Russian astrophysicist Nikolai Kardashev figured out that civilizations can be categorized by the total amount of energy available to them.

He defined three levels of civilization, but later astronomers extended the scale to three more. After explaining the basic scale, the author shares his personal knowledge about the Kardashev scale. Based on his personal contacts with extraterrestrial intelligences, Andov provides a remarkable explanation of what actually is going on in our solar system.

After the author shares a lot of information about the 0, I, II and III types of civilization, the book continues with remarkable information about positive alien species that have the technological development of type II civilization and their message to humanity.

Andov shares that he is aware that humanity has assistance and has been contacted by a few peaceful alien species, via the genuine crop circle phenomenon. He explains that the genuine crop circles are sometimes of an intellectual nature and serve as information only, but often they have more complex purposes.

For example it has been detected that the genuine crop circle formations radiate an energy that stays around for six weeks or more. This is often noticed by the military, which send black helicopters to scout the area. Other UFOs seem to be interested in the crop formations too as there is also a detected paranormal activity going on inside them.

The energy that emanates from some of the genuine crop formations, has multipurpose.

One purpose is to transmit telepathic pulsating messages through the astral medium all people around the globe that are open and evolved enough to receive them and understand their meaning. Till present day, these messages have inspired huge numbers of people to start working for the global Awakening, and to start putting their maximal efforts into the repair, restoration and regeneration of this world.

The second purpose is for the genuine crop circles to sometimes serve as pulsating energy portals, from which powerful radiating astral energy streams outwards and creates ripples and holes in Saturn’s holographic program inside Earth’s Astral Plane. In fact, the Saturn system plays a major role in creating a false holographic reality during our sleeping time.

In other words, dark Type II and Type III civilizations are artificially engineering the rings of Saturn to serve as a powerful antenna to transmit and upload a super advanced alien software system inside Earth’s natural astral layer. This alien software creates a Hologram inside the Astral Plane, which is sensitive to human subconscious fears and stimulates the appearance of negative emotional energy, often experienced as suffering. This negative vibrational energy is then collected by certain type of orbs and taken back to the alien ships.

Seen from another angle, the Astral Plane has been hacked by advanced alien hackers, to prevent human consciousness becoming self-aware on this plane of existence. The eventual awaking of the consciousness on the Astral Plane would lead to the utilization of latent but very powerful psionic potentials and towards a realization that we are not alone, and that we have been exploited by more advanced abusive species, just as we abuse and exploit animal species. As long as this will not happen, human beings will remain confused, disoriented and vulnerable to all kinds of subtle manipulations.

The dreams people experience while they sleep are actually holographic reality products of this advanced alien deceiving software that is uploaded in the Astral Plane.

Sounds too fantastic and too unreal to be possible?

The author invites the reader to go through all the material presented in the four books, and then he/she will see that things that Andov have seen and explained, will start to make perfect sense.

Anyway, during his astral travels, the author has seen this happening quite often and the dynamic is fully explained in this and the last book of the “Awakening” series.

The author claims that he was one of only a few people that the positive extraterrestrial species really contacted, not just telepathically, but also on the Astral Plane. Furthermore, he claims that he was asked if he would be willing to deliver their message to humanity.

They also explained to him that the communications required to teach him what the complex messages are all about, would contain a risk for him, since both the deceiving negative extraterrestrial beings and the deceived military rulers of humanity, would listen and will try to interfere in the process. They asked for his approval for this mission.

From here Volume 3 enters the mysterious world of crop circles. Many would agree that the UK Military has better things to do than sending helicopters to chase strange orbs of light or UFOs above the crop fields. That would definitely be a waste of time, money and fuel, but the locals sometimes reported that this is exactly what was happening during the crop circle seasons.

Gradually the author goes deeper into the widely ignored scientific research about the genuine crop circle phenomenon, covering in high detail the magnificent research done by W.C. Levengood (1925-2013) who had Ph.D. equivalent education in Biophysics and Eltjo Haselhoff who has a Ph.D. in Theoretical and Experimental Physics.

Both brilliant scientists have concluded that there is deliberate cover-up of conclusive evidence that some crop circles are not made by humans, but by intelligent non-thermal plasma. Furthermore, they both concluded that a heating agency – probably microwaves, strong magnetic fields and unusual electrical pulses are in some way related to the genuine crop circle phenomenon.

As Volume 3 progresses, the author shares his understanding of where the genuine crop circle makers live in our solar system, how many they are and what their biological bodies are made of.

Some crop circle designs gave a clear warning to humankind that there are deceiving beings that give false gifts to their military leaders. The limited delivery of advanced alien technology to the highest levels of the military, known as Shadow Government, comes with a big price. A price, which the general human population has to pay, without even knowing about the bargain or giving any consent for such a bargain in the first place. The worst part is that in this bargain, money have no value at all, but the souls and lives of human beings does.

Then the book continues with the valuable research about the energies inside the genuine crop formations, done by Lucy Pringle. Both, Lucy Pringle and Colin Andrews are the veterans in the field of crop circles and they both have invested almost a lifetime into documenting and studying the crop circle phenomenon. Once friends and coworkers, today they do not share the same views and conclusions about who is making the crop circles and why.

The author clearly expresses his agreement with many statements made by Lucy Pringle but also his disagreement with the latest statements regarding the crop circle phenomenon made by Colin Andrews.

As more and more evidence is presented, it becomes clear that the genuine crop circle phenomenon is much more complex that it appears on first sight. The author further takes an unusual turn, and starts to present unique and previously unknown information. He gathers evidence and events in such a way that clearly shows that some negative ETs are making efforts to block the friendly ETs attempts to materialize crop designs.

The next part of the Volume 3 deals with providing evidence that the crop circle makers are actually teaching us about the Flower of Life structure. Here the material covered in Volume 1 comes in handy. The author has done something magnificent with this part of Volume 3, something never presented to humanity in such a way.

In the last few decades the complexity of crop circles has been the main issue addressed for successful translation of the contact. The first obstacle was to determine which ones are man-made and which are genuine crop circles.

It was not difficult to determine which ones are just random geometrical art done by human pranksters for fun, reputation or whatever. But things got more problematic, when it turned out that a percentage of the man-made ones were pre-ordered and funded by the military or people from the British secret service. The humans pranksters didn’t want to reveal the names of the people who paid them, but the only logical conclusion for such action by the military or British secret service is an attempt to reply back to the initial alien communication, but at the same time create even more confusion about the entire phenomenon.

The author, clearly demonstrates that the majority of genuine crop circles are depicting different stages and sequences of the so called Flower of Life 3D geometry. To achieve this he used more than 150 photos of crop circles that are somehow related to Flower of Life geometrical structure.

In parallel, he also shares that he was informed by extraterrestrial intelligence, that in ancient times highly evolved human beings knew all about the Flower of Life auric field and how if accurately built and activated in their aura, it could serve both as receiver or transmitter of psionic energy.

One thing is for sure, after seeing the photos of the crop circles and the explanation given and how all those small pieces of the puzzle fit together, the reader starts to see the logic behind the author’s perspective and starts to understand the deeper meaning of the genuine crop circle phenomenon.

Here the book starts covering how the friendly extraterrestrial intelligence responsible for making the majority of genuine crop circles came into contact with the author. In fact, being a contactee and astral traveler from a very young age, looking back on those days, the author feels that all he went through his life was only a preparation to complete this important task – to translate the genuine crop circle messages and to provide valuable information that will help humanity in the process of the Great Awakening.

Andov further shares that he feels that the wisdom and knowledge that he was given by this friendly extraterrestrial intelligence has completely changed his life and how he perceives reality. It have awakened him in many ways that are difficult to describe. In a sense, the open contact has saved his soul in any possible way a soul can be saved, and he have fully embraced the things that he was shown. As is the case with the other 3 books in the Awakening series, Volume 3 contains knowledge not of this world.

The author further shares how in 1980, when he was only seven years old, he was taken onboard an alien spaceship. The event took place in Skopje, Macedonia not far from the temporary home he was living in at the time with his mother and brother. The entire event is clearly described by the author, with how the UFO looked from outside and inside, what the alien beings looked like, what they did and what they wanted from him.

It is an amazing experience that will leave the reader amazed.

Then the action of the book transfers to the time when the author was a teenager and how he got interested into the areas of Paranormal and Eastern Spirituality. He explained how he started meditating for hours and started exploring his latent potentials. It took him a while until he managed to trigger Kundalini energy awakening during short sleep paralysis episodes. The control of this powerful energy enabled him to leave his physical body of his own will, sneak out of his apartment, so to speak and take astral excursions.

For those who are not fully familiar, in Sanskrit, Kundalini means ‘Life Force Energy’.

Andov is in his 40s and he is living an amazing life, full with astral adventures. The amount of knowledge that he gathered through the years of astral traveling is simply breathtaking. Any student that is studying the art of astral projection, can learn a lot just simply by reading the described moves and techniques in his astral experiences. His astral journeys provide solutions to numerous situations that human consciousness can encounter on the Astral Plane. From what to look for, what to avoid, what to do in certain situation, where to go, how to stay longer on the Astral Plane etc.

The life of the young couple soon got more complicated when the contact with extraterrestrial intelligences rapidly intensified.

In the chapter “Crop circle makers on the phone”, the author presents amazing photo evidence of real encounters with balls of light, taken with an infrared camera.

The author further explains that when things seemed that they couldn’t get more bizarre, black NATO helicopters started coming and circulating above their building and neighbourhood.

Every time the author sensed the balls of light and tuned into the same psionic frequency which had made the communication possible, the black helicopters appeared at the same time.

At the time Andov was not sure which exact method the military was using to detect the balls of light and UFOs but he clearly remembers that it was interesting to watch the black helicopters circulating above their building and neighbourhood, over and over again, searching for something that no one could determine.

As the UFOs were releasing more balls of light to establish contact with the author, his consciousness was flooded with information and the transmissions become far more complex. He started to receive messages during the day via the Fifth system and the Third system during the night, both described in Volume 1.

The author remembers an amazing sight during one astral excursion seeing the military helicopters blindly circling around in the Physical Plane, while the extraterrestrial spaceship was hovering just above them in the Astral Plane, invisible to them and out of their reach. The author was levitating about 200 meters above in his astral body and watching the entire show.

No matter how fantastic it may sound, the author is inviting the reader to take a look at the gathered evidence and to make his/her own conclusion. The book conclude with the chapter that deals with gigantic black spherical UFOs sucking huge amounts of plasma from the surface of the Sun. The entire overview is given of how they are doing it and why they are doing it. At the end the reader is left with answers to so many important questions; but those answers automatically generate heaps of other important questions that will be fully answered by the author in Volume 4 of the Awakening series.

Taking everything into account, Volume 3 is a unique book that takes the reader to a different dimension of existence. The information given by the author in Volume 1 and 2 starts to make perfect sense, but often the reader will get the impression that there is so much more in the mystery. Which is true, in Volume 3 the Big Picture is starting to emerge, but the last book will be the one that will bring all the books into clearer perceptive…
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