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Default An Opportunity For Change

This isn't a new idea, it's been done many times before. However, in the past it has failed because of a lack of follow-through. If you wish to see the idea that follows become a reality then it will be because YOU made it so. You took responsibility, did one step at a time, and accomplished the goal.

The idea being proposed is to start a commune for like-minded individuals. What for? A simpler lifestyle, organic food, you know, the real food that you're actually supposed to put in your mouth hole, and a place for spiritual freedom is the desired goal. Where at? Peru, because the cost of living is cheap along with about everything else, but the major reasons beyond that I'll be going over in a minute.

This is a call to all the people who aren't satisfied with the American dream or the western way of life. Let it be understood that you do not have to participate in the aforementioned bull shit. I repeat, no bueno. Let's face it, the world has become if not remained a place of eternal despair. This is the biblical hell folks.

You can watch documentary after documentary and keep piling up knowledge, but all your going to find is people suffering. That's what's being documented. Last night I was watching "Our America With Lisa Ling" and shed a tear over some black man that I didn't know who couldn't be with kids because he got caught up in a never ending cycle of the prison industrial complex. That man is my brother (no relation haha) and I don't want to see anyone suffer.

Seeing the same ole same ole over and over again is not filling me with hope (what happened Obama?). I have zero sympathy for the cops and other evil fucks perpetuating this nonsense and would wish them only death. Allowing them to live and change (Obama...) is not realistic. However, I am not a one man army nor am I trying to organize any bloody revolution. Doing anything of the sort on my own would result in suicide and result in no change whatsoever.

So what's the alternative? Heaven. I questioned what Heaven was to me and came to find out it wasn't a very complicated concept. Tripping my ass off on the edge of the jungle with souls like Terrence McKenna or Timothy Leary is really all I need to sustain my bliss haha. But furthermore, let's get sidetracked and delve into the notion of inner peace for a minute.

In the western world, we hate boredom with a passion. People will come up with the craziest ideas ever just to escape it. This is in complete contrast to inner peace. Inner peace, simply said, is wanting nothing and having everything. Those who plug the holes of boredom with every form of short-lived entertainment they can conceive of are not going to accomplish this feat, period.

So, how would you find it? First, you might develop a little bit spiritually. Learn to want a little less through patience and the passing of time. Then, if you're really going for it, you might consider strapping on a blind fold, fasting, and sitting in silence with no external stimuli for a week. Sure enough, after a while you'll stop being bored, I assure you.

Back on topic after derailing to provide some clues as to what consists of being like-minded. For those who have ran like hell from religion and begun to find the answers inside themselves, you'll want to grab a sharpie and a map. On the map, locate Peru, and draw a line through the word, not the country. Now write in "Heaven". You're doing this because all things helpful to progress, cleansing your chakras, more specifically that third eye of yours can be found there.

Real medicine, not eat this pill and experience 20 side effects worse than the condition the pill was supposed to alleviate but not cure, can be found there, legally, in small quantities. I direct you to article 299 of Peru's penal code. Read it, shed a tear, and smile, you've earned it haha. For those of us who want to live a shaman style of life, this is home, and as good as it gets.

Goal one is to buy some land. With that land, depending on our pooled resources, we can build housing. Personally, I do not care whether I live in some variation of a tribal hut or a nice home (by most standards), being there alone is victory. Step two becomes farming the land and providing real food for the people living there. Step three is providing options for other people to come share in this lifestyle like that nice black man I saw in prison haha.

Step three is by far the easiest. Filming and uploading day to day life will provide all the advertising we could need. The right kind of people will come without much questioning and the fundamentalist Christian type will be scared to death tucked safely 3,000 miles away. So there it is, you have the idea.

This is the part that gets different from past experiences. You will not post, "oh, that sounds awesome, sign me up" and then forget about this a week later. Instead, we organize. We make a website, write articles on self-growth, get the word out. For the mean time, I will register a free forum were the ones interested can make their intentions known. You'll be able to discuss ideas and evolve this into something beautiful.

Now, you have it all. I will return with the free forum link once I get one set up and post it below. The next step of business might be to make a name for this movement because brand marketing as we all know works. No leaders, this is anarchy folks. Everybody gets a say. Get excited, get erected, do what it takes to make yourself feel better lol.

Oh, and before I forget, there's one last piece of business to discuss. 2012. Now I don't have a damn clue what's going to happen. I really don't. But the deemsters seem to be getting the same message that I can get behind. I've read at least 25 times, "my elves told me the world was ending in 2012" and half of those people didn't fully believe what they were told. Nonetheless, intervention on a mass scale is the only thing that's going to end this planetary suffering.

If that intervention is mass death, so be it, still did the job haha. Other theories consist of ideas like the planetary alignment causing everyone's calcified pineal glands to function again like it was originally designed to before we drank mass quantities of fluoride or breathed in aluminum dust being dumped on us from above (*shakes fist at sky). In either case, this becomes somewhat unimportant to say the least and we had fun for maybe a month.

But why give these deemsters any merit? Read trip reports. You'll learn that these people left logic behind to come to the same conclusions independently of one another. For instance, the idea that time does not exist or doesn't exist outside the individual is brought up a lot. This idea is in another place that is widely regarded as respectable, being quantum theory and other branches of science. If you look closely, you shall find that one psychedelic idea at a time is being validated in this field of science.

With that said, my work is done for now. This message of hope is going out to at least three places: Above Top Secret, Shroomery, and the David Icke boards. If you wish to repost it elsewhere with the forum link that will be provided later, you have my permission and then some.

Peace. Love. Anarchy.

The forum is now up:

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