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If you fly in a plane over usa you will see 80% to 90% vast green fertle lands unoccupied.
People live concentrated, corralled, into big cities that look like overcrowded ant farms. Small towns dot the landscape inbetween, and look better, less congested, more habitable. And they are good places if they are God abiding towns. (devils aka demons like to try to get strongholds over corrupt sin filled places and people)

Many people have become stupid through miseducation, they no longer know the correct foods to eat, they are out of touch with nature, decent behavior, healthy correct human thinking, they never see fruit trees, organic sustainable farming practices. They do not want to eat local wholesome food. They are addicted to necrophillic synthetic fake plastic junk food, devils lies, sin, and convenience.

There is nothing wrong with comfort and convenience, people in touch with Gods true all good nature enjoy full biophillic wholesome comforts and conveniences
Just not of the arrogant necrophillic sinfull wicked exploitative lying devilish kind.

Some people read garbage books from the latest debt ridden phd twerp or lying charismatic talker and ignore the ancient wisdom in the bible and other sacred texts. Many are clueless as to how to survive or thrive biophillically, fairly or naturally. The amish use the humble dandelion, the whole plant, and eat it, to cure many so called, modern, dis eases. That is just one of 1000's of examples of Gods gifts. Lying devils block and supress this wisdom and tell upside down lies to mislead those who are God less and void of Gods wisdom. found in Gods all good word and in Gods all good nature.

There is a whole kingdom of edible nutritious herbs that nourish and heal humans, that grow free right outside peoples doors. Many people are just too miseducated to utilize Gods gifts to the planet. And they plant fake grass covered with pesticides. Then they cry when they are sick and they buy and eat chalk and a petro chemical poison that clogs their liver and kidneys.

Truth can be wiped out in one or two generations.

The chinese still rely on their ancient vast herbal curative knowledge. And the religious amish still can build a sturdy barn in one weekend for under 500 dollars. A sturdy house for a bit more material, labor and time. Same in mexico and other places.

People who are miseducated and amoral suffer. That is due to THEIR choice to ignore Gods word, Gods remnant wisdom, and work against basic common decency and against all good mother father Gods all good nature. In Genesis in the bible people lived to be 900 plus years old. Hindu and other ancient sacred texts corroborate this. Today, many people are lucky to see age 40 without a host of debilitating infirmities.

If you plant things in correct accord with benificial bugs and correct crop rotation, you have no need for poisonous chemicals. ladybugs eat fruit tree spider mites, certain herbs and specific plants repel, keep bugs away from other crops and replenish soil, etc etc etc.

People get lost and perish for ignoring God and Gods all good, they follow lying wicked devils instead, and they suffer for their erring choices.

Sin hurts the sinner.
Evil destroys itself.
Gods people perish for a lack of knowledge, of Gods word.

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The Earth is not over populated. The farm land isn't farmed. The water is polluted on purpose. people starving in Africa. With food enough to feed the world they admit this is going on because Africans don't have the money to buy it. They are starving to death over paper and ink.
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agent smith, cancer, overpopulation, parasite

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