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Adebolajo's classmate Simon A Collings is interviewed on SKy

Simon Collings yeah ,it definiitely looks and sounds like him. His name was michael,i'd been to his house
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Simon Collings i coulda swore the whole family moved to lincoln in '03,must be where he got brainwashed..
Like · Reply · 3 · 23 May at 10:32

Dan Meech I grew up with him for years through juniors outside football leagues an seniors he was in my form an my mate this really makes no sense
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Chris Purnell It's definitely him. I knew his brother well at school.
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Abu Nusaybah ‏@AbuNusaybahUK
2/2 Majority of Youth want to live a peaceful life, but also have a right to disagree with Gov Polices & FP without being labelled extremist
1:17 AM - 23 May 13 ·

Mark Blunden ‏@_MarkBlunden 23 May
@AbuNusaybahUK Hello, could I speak with you urgently to clarify things? Can I DM you details please? Thanks, Mark/Evening Standard
1:18 AM - 23 May 13 · [wow,that was quick]

Caroline Alton ‏@carolinealton [BBC News producer]
@AbuNusaybahUK could I speak to you directly? Could you follow me so I can DM you?
1:40 AM - 23 May 13

Lindsey Hilsum ‏@lindseyhilsum [Ch 4]
@AbuNusaybahUK what do you see as the causes?
1:44 AM - 23 May 13 ·
[wonder how she picked up this tweet? I don't see any earlier contribution - reason conversation from Abu Nusaybah deleted]

Abu Nusaybah ‏@AbuNusaybahUK 23 May
@lindseyhilsum Mujahid was a strong character, but i remembers years back Foreign Policy would bring him to tears - then he just went quite
1:47 AM - 23 May 13 · Details

Lindsey Hilsum ‏@lindseyhilsum
@AbuNusaybahUK were you surprised then when you saw what he did?
1:49 AM - 23 May 13 [9:49 AM]

Lindsey Hilsum @lindseyhilsum
@AbuNusaybahUK sure. But if you follow me let me DM you.
9:55 AM - 23 May 2013
[AbuNusaybahUK conversation deleted]

Abu Nusaybah ‏@AbuNusaybahUK 23 May
Any so called "Muslim" leader who comes out pretending there no problem, is betraying the community & their concerns
Retweeted by Lindsey Hilsum
2:05 AM - 23 May 13 · Details

Tom Parmenter ‏@TomSkyNews
@AbuNusaybahUK please follow and DM me - we'd like to talk to you - we can do it live and unedited.
2:18 AM - 23 May 13

Lindsey Hilsum ‏@lindseyhilsum
@AbuNusaybahUK say it in more than 140 characters....
2:29 AM - 23 May 13 [10:29 AM]
[AbuNusaybahUK conversation deleted]

Abu Nusaybah ‏@AbuNusaybahUK
I can talk openly because my conscious is clear, I didn't know anything about this incident - had I know I would have spoken to him
2:35 AM - 23 May 13 [10:35 AM]

Abu Nusaybah ‏@AbuNusaybahUK 24 May
Did u know #Woolwich suspect Michael Adebolajo was approached by MI5 Just over 6months ago to work as a Spy, He refused ? #NOMORELIES #UK
8:27 AM - 24 May 13 · [4:27 PM]

Abu Nusaybah ‏@AbuNusaybahUK
Did U know #Woolwich suspect Micheal Adebolajo was arrested & tortured & sexually.... by #Kenya Gov with #UK gov knowledge ? #STOPTHELIES
8:33 AM - 24 May 13 [4:33 PM]

Abu Nusaybah ‏@AbuNusaybahUK
I know this because Michael Adebolajo told me himself 6months ago #Woolwich
8:42 AM - 24 May 13 [4:42 PM]

CagePrisoners ‏@CagePrisoners [v.spooky]
Must watch interview with @AbuNusaybahUK before his arrest by Special Branch on #woolwich suspect Michael Adebolajo http://bbc.in/18ddjmq
4:37 PM - 24 May 13 [12:37 AM
the BBC interview

no more tweets from AbuNusaybah

see also

and links

Stand up and rise! ‏@asadullah1406 28 May
Letter from Abu Nusaybah to Sir Malcolm Rifkind Read and share P3 @CagePrisoners @islam21c @islamawakening pic.twitter.com/xCF9NA33G9
12:22 PM - 28 May 13
[8:22 PM]

CagePrisoners ‏@CagePrisoners 28 May
“@asadullah1406: Letter from @AbuNusaybahUK to Sir Malcolm Rifkind #woolwich #MI5 #adebolajo Read and share P3 pic.twitter.com/fs9k7AfU7O”
2:11 PM - 28 May 13 ·[10:11 PM]

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http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti...Lee-Rigby.html Both found guilty
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howard crane
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Originally Posted by jondoeuk View Post
"Speaking outside court building, Assistant Commissioner Cressida Dick, who leads Scotland Yard's counter-terrorism teams, said: 'Of course we utterly respect the court's decision in finding the two men not guilty of attempted murder of a police officer.

'But I would also like to pay tribute to those firearms officers who were faced with a terrifying situation and displayed extreme courage and professionalism'."
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Originally Posted by howard crane View Post
"Speaking outside court building, Assistant Commissioner Cressida Dick, who leads Scotland Yard's counter-terrorism teams, said: 'Of course we utterly respect the court's decision in finding the two men not guilty of attempted murder of a police officer.

'But I would also like to pay tribute to those firearms officers who were faced with a terrifying situation and displayed extreme courage and professionalism'."
Cressida Dick! Says it all...Common Purpose, Charles De Mendez etc
Speed of Saturn =9.69 km/s....Methuselah, oldest in Bible at 969 years...435 members in US HOR 435+534=969...Bin Laden Killed on 831st Day Obama was in office 831+138=969....Cost of Obama's stimulus 831 billion 831+138=969...12 signs of Zodiac total 912, 912=912+9x1x2=930+039=969....Bin laden born 3/10/1957 1608 days before obama 1608+8061=9669..Israel founded 5/14/1948, 1948=19x48=912+9x1x2=930+039=969...14/5, 231 days left of year 231+2x3x+1=237+732=969...On & On it goes always to Saturns 969
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here's a funny story I missed...

"Well, now I’m unable to get a job and unable to pay my bills.”

Ingrid, who is half French, moved to Cornwall six years ago so her two children could study there. She rents a three-bedroomed house from a housing association.

....She recalled: “The Prime Minister went on the steps of 10 Downing Street and praised my bravery. He said people like me make this country what it is.

"Well, now I’m unable to get a job and unable to pay my bills.”

But now her son and daughter have graduated and moved out to live in London, she is alone in the property with two spare rooms.

Ingrid insists she is willing to move to a smaller property but she has nowhere to go and so has to pay the Bedroom Tax.

She said: “I get £58 per week. That’s before Bedroom Tax, which is £21.”

Ingrid is left with just over £5 a day to cover bills, run a car and buy food. She said: “People say I shouldn’t have a car. But there is hardly any public transport.”

Former teacher Ingrid has trained as a translator but cannot find work in Cornwall. To add to her problems, she suffers from depression and the painful condition fibromyalgia.

She receives discretionary housing payments to help with the rent as she looks for another home. But she fears this will end and she will fall into arrears.

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Originally Posted by evieee View Post


Warrant Officer Class 1 Ned Miller, Regimental Sergeant Major Second Fusiliers, said:

Riggers is what every battalion needs. He was one of the Battalion’s great characters always smiling and always ready to brighten the mood with his fellow Fusiliers. He was an excellent drummer and well respected within the Drums platoon. He was easily identified whilst on parade by the huge smile on his face and how proud he was to be a member of the Drums. He would always stop for a chat just to tell me Manchester United would win the league again. My thoughts are with his family and they will always be part of the Fusilier family. Once a Fusilier, always a Fusilier.”

Sergeant Barry Ward, Drum Major Second Fusiliers, said:

Drummer Rigby was a loving father, with a very bubbly character. He was an excellent Drummer, loved his job and was a highly popular member of the Platoon. He had served in Afghanistan as an FSG Operator and was very diligent in his work. He was always around when needed and will be sorely missed by all members of the Second Fusiliers Corps of Drums. Once a Fusilier, always a Fusilier.”

Was LR involved with recruiting school cadets?

This is an interesting exchange:

touch my clock ‏@ArchieWB 17 May
One of Englands finest, a Fusilier, was stabbed to death after surviving a tour of Afghanistan, do you know the disgust I feel right now?
1:04 PM - 17 May 13 · [9:04 PM]

Tom Coghlan ‏@TomCoghlan 23 May
@ArchieWB - apologies for direct message. Defence Correspondent at The Times - Can I ask when your friend served in Afghanistan?
2:30 AM - 23 May 13 · [10:30 AM]

touch my clock ‏@ArchieWB 23 May
@TomCoghlan this was before the woolwich incident, and he was not my friend

Tom Coghlan ‏@TomCoghlan 23 May
@ArchieWB Got that - thanks. The MOD will announce capbadge in an hour. Was he 2nd Battalion?
3:16 AM - 23 May 13 [11:16 AM]

touch my clock ‏@ArchieWB
@TomCoghlan I'm not too sure, it is just something which I saw on the news
3:27 AM - 23 May 13

South East London, Bermondsey

Tom Cochlan was with the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Fusiliers in Afghanistan, WAQAB, in 2009 and even photographed Rigby there.

Allegedly, Daily Mirror journalists were also embedded there.

The tweet coincidentally refers to the stabbing of a Fusilier from the same Battalion in Aya Napa, Cyprus in late 2012:

17 May 2013 Last updated at 10:54
Killer of Fusilier David Lee Collins in Cyprus jailed
David Lee Collins Fusilier David Lee Collins was based at Dhekelia

A man who admitted stabbing a British soldier outside a Cyprus nightclub has been jailed for eight years.
Mohammed Abdulkadir Osman, 20, from London, admitted manslaughter at a court in Larnaca last month.
Fusilier David Lee Collins, 18, from Manchester, was stabbed outside the club in Ayia Napa in November 2012.
Charges against two other teenagers, who were both 17 at the time of the stabbing, were dropped.
Fusilier Collins, from the 2nd Battalion, Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, was stationed at a base in the Dhekelia area of the island.
He was off duty with three other soldiers when they became involved in a brawl with three British holidaymakers in the early hours of the morning.

The fracas is believed to have been ignited by taunting related to Manchester-London rivalry.

touch my clock ‏@ArchieWB
We won pic.twitter.com/hHt4exFK7e
1 Retweet
8:50 AM - 8 Jun 13

touch my clock ‏@ArchieWB 23 May
So I knew the soldier who was killed, I feel absolutely sick, RIP Lee, he was an actual legend, I'm upset now pic.twitter.com/3EzK7vLixr

touch my clock ‏@ArchieWB
I actually can't believe it, why did he die in such a way, he never ever ever deserved it, RIP lee mate, you legend xx
11:01 AM - 23 May 13

Ned Miller was RSM in Waqab, as noted here:
see pp 1-4,8
but no mention of Rigby. The Fire Support Group is mentioned.

[Summer 2009]

The Daily Mirror embedding was reported here:
Jun 1 2009 by Chris Hughes
[SIZE="1"][It was the most terrifying walk imaginable - a mile-and-a-half trek through a moonlit valley deep behind Taliban lines.

Here lay the most heavily mined part of Afghanistan and one wrong step could mean death or horrific injury.

Ahead was a long snake of 80 British assault troops armed to the teeth with heavy machine-guns, missiles, grenades and, crucially, metal detectors.
Fusilier Scott Clarke , 19, a LMG gunner rests after his first operation in the battle for Yatimchie in Helman Afganistan (Pic:Roger Allen) Fusilier Scott Clarke , 19, a LMG gunner rests after his first operation in the battle for Yatimchie in Helman Afganistan (Pic:Roger Allen)

In the moonlight we could pick out the man ahead of us, silhouetted and hunched with 80lb worth of kit.

As we set off from Forward Operating Base Minden for one of the most daring assaults undertaken by British infantry, Major Jez Lamb warned: "This is a silent tactical approach on foot.
The Royal Welsh in the battle for Yatimchie in Helman Afganistan (Pic:Roger Allen) The Royal Welsh in the battle for Yatimchie in Helman Afganistan (Pic:Roger Allen)

No noise. Follow the steps of the bloke in front as this ground is believed to be littered with Taliban mines. The IED (Improvised Explosives Device) threat is through the roof so watch your step and stay 5m apart from the man in front and behind.

"This means that if you or someone else gets blown up then we minimise the casualties."

We survived our moonlit walk but, as the troops began to fight on Saturday morning, news came through that two soldiers from the Brigade Reconnaissance Force had been killed in a mine strike in Musa Qala.

Sergeant Major Ned Miller, 37, of C Company of the 2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment Fusiliers
told me later: "Every one of us feels the devastation when a fellow soldier is killed or injured. Our thoughts are with the families of the two soldiers. This is the new warfare we are facing out here - IEDs all over the place.

"It really slows us down. We can't just go rushing in anywhere and it's terrible this has happened."

The opening of Operation Mar Lewe was a massive assault on a major Taliban stronghold to drive hardcore insurgents into the desert.

Up to 70 fanatics - including Pakistani and Chechen gunmen - were holed up in Yatimchay, south of Musa Qala, which was won by the British 18 months ago. We were embedded with UK forces which conned the Taliban into believing they were assaulting from the north while troops swept around to the south.

Operation Mar Lewe took months of planning and involved 700 members of a British Battle Group led by 2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.

Fusilier Scott Clarke, 19, said: "Of course I am terrified, mate. Bloody sh*****g myself to be honest. This is my first battle and all of the lads are nervous because this is a big operation."

As dawn broke on Saturday and another scorching 45 degree day began, the Recce Platoon launched the deceptive attack on the Taliban front lines from their Jackal vehicles, fitted with heavy machine-guns.

The Taliban started firing on Recce Platoon to the north as the main force came up behind them.

A us B1 Bomber then dropped a 2,000lb Guided Bomb Unit on the main Taliban gun positions. Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel Charlie Calder, 40, took control as C Company and then B Company poured out of their armoured vehicles and launched a withering ground assault.

We took cover on a roof 100 yards away as heavy machine-guns opened fire before the shells started whistling in, hammering Taliban positions.

Guided Multi Launch Rocket System missiles - fired from Camp Bastion 20 miles away - roared overhead before exploding into the insurgent strongholds.

As the dust settled, we discovered a Taliban leader was killed along with many of his fighters, bomb factories were destroyed and a Taliban hospital with escape tunnels overrun.

Lt Col Calder said: "The operation shows that clearly our plans have worked so far as the enemy did not know where we were coming from.

"Information we have is that they have fled across the wadi (valley). The front line is now a further 2km to the south."

We also teamed up with the soldiers of 3 Section, Fire Support Group, commanded by 22-year-old Corporal Scott Davidson.

During a break in battle, Cpl Davidson, who's from the Wirral and has been a soldier almost seven years, said: "Of course you're nervous - you'd have to be bloody stupid not to be as you could be killed or injured. The most important thing to me is getting the job done and all of the guys in my section getting back to base safely.

"The heat is knackering but we have trained really hard for this and the section is doing really well given these conditions and they are all OK so far."

Late on Saturday night, two enemy fighters were spotted trying to sneak back across the wadi.

As we prepared to bed down for the night, we heard the scream of a missile.

In the darkness the radio message came through: "Confirmed kill. Two enemy dead - over."

Last night, with Musa Qala base's flag flying at half-mast for the British dead, the Taliban were still firing rockets at the front line troops. They are tough and determined fighters, but so is the British infantry.

Rigby in Afghanistan, 2009 by Richard Pohle

see also:

copyright photo, titled Soldier Lee Rigby of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers during a patrol in high temperatures, Musa Qala, 2009.

see also

Richard Pohle - press journalist of the year
20 December 2013

Pohle says the most memorable photo he had published in 2013 was taken four years earlier. “I found out soon after Lee Rigby’s murder that when I was with his unit in Afghanistan in 2009, I had taken photos of him while on patrol in Helmand.

“I looked through them, talked to my picture editor and the MoD confirmed it was him. The Times went big on it, and it was such a coincidence that I had those photos.”

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The FSG or Fire Support Group


2nd Battalion
by the Commanding Officer

Lt Col M R Butterwick

Tragically we have lost 2 young Fusiliers these last 12 months. Losing any soldier at any time is a bitter blow but to lose Fusilier James Wilkinson on training in Kenya and then Fusilier David Collins to a despicable act of violence in Cyprus were devastating losses. Our thoughts remain with their families. It is so reassuring to know though that when tragedy strikes the Regiment is at its finest. Seeing Fusiliers young and old pack churches in Manchester twice reminds us of the importance of our strap line, "Once a Fusilier, Always a Fusilier".

FSp Coy
Maj N Barley/Capt M S King

Whilst the Fire Support Group (FSG) concept is not a new concept within 2RRF - in fact 2RRF facilitated one of the first distributed training cadres dedicated to training Fusiliers (referred to as FSG "Gunners") within FSGs in June 2010 - the past year has seen further development towards fully practising the doctrine that has been promulgated by DCOMBAT. In fact for the last two years, all Officers, Senior and Junior NCOs have been attending the FSG Platoon Commanders', Multiple Commanders' and Team Commanders' course, respectively, at the FSG Division of Support Weapon School in Warminster as opposed to the previous Javelin and GPMG (SF) Courses.

For the uninitiated, the[B[ FSG represents the grouping of the point (HMG and Javelin) and area (GPMG SF and GMG) weapon systems that were previously employed as separate teams, sections and detachments. They can operate as a formed sub-unit in support of the Battlegroup plan, or as a separate Manoeuvre Operation Group (MOG) - similar in size to Coy(-) strength - or can be separated into platoons and attached to Company Groups in order to directly support the Company plan.[/B] (Ed: exactly as it was when I joined 1 RRF in 1974!)

Due to the weight of the weapons and ammunition, the FSG traditionally operates in the mounted role - in vehicles such as WMIK and JACKAL - but still retains the ability to dismount and operate on foot. The FSG itself is split into three platoons, each with two multiples containing four teams, with an additional G4 team to sustain it. Therefore, when mounted each platoon represents a significant concentration of firepower across eight fighting vehicles and one support vehicle.

For the FSG the last years training began with a significant uplift in manpower provided by the rest of the Battalion. This allowed the FSG to split into three separate platoons, and set the conditions for future exercises and operational deployments. FSG (A) grew in size and then split into FSG(A) and FSG(C), whilst FSG(B) retained its personnel in order to allow them to better fulfil their drumming commitments.

This uplift in personnel required a significant amount of training, which was co-ordinated by Capt Musson on Sennelager Training Area. The cadre took place over a seven week period, involving a complete training package on all four of the weapon systems and then progressing to their tactical employment both mounted and dismounted - no easy feat when you consider that each of the previous cadres would have been a similar length for only one weapon system.

Overall, the cadre set the conditions for the Battalion's deployment to Kenya; giving each of the Rifle Companies a dedicated FSG, whilst also affording the Commanding Officer another - and arguably more potent - sub-unit at his disposal.

Prior to deploying on Ex ASKARI THUNDER 4, the FSGs were attached to their respective companies so that they could conduct some combined training, and then it was off to Kenya where Ex ASKARI THUNDER 4 proved to be as challenging as had been warned. It provided a multitude of difficult and demanding training serials in an environment that is impossible to replicate elsewhere. The heat, the wildlife and the terrain were difficult enough on foot, not to mention in R-WMIKs, and it seemed that the slightest moisture turned every open field into a scene that would not have been out of place on the Somme.

Training began with the FSG platoon exercises and LFTT ranges in Archers Post Training area - one of the hottest places on earth - and was aimed at basic vehicle tactics as well as acclimatization.

[awaiting photo]
FSp Coy 2. The FSG takes a break during the build up training on Ex ASKARI THUNDER 4 L -R: Fus Pynaert, Fus Johnson and Sgt Ansell with Drum Major Ward sporting a rather flattering colour of tropics!

This was followed by several Company Group exercises designed to test every element of the Company, and with torrential season rains, vehicle recovery was practiced very well too.

Upon completion of the Company exercise, the Battalion recovered back to Turaco Farm - which looked like a military version of Glastonbury Festival after a daily rain shower - and prepared itself for the final exercise in the Lolldaiga Mountains.

The final exercise had a mix of offensive and defensive serials, with the FSGs still attached to the Company Groups. In the final attack, however, which involved a 20km approach to the FUP, the three separate FSG platoons formed into an FSG sub-unit and provided fire support for the break-in by one of the RifleCompanies. As the light role companies trudged the 20km insertion route, the vehicle mounted FSGs rolled past in a not so subtle recruiting campaign!

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"Behead a hero" .....

Had been a SUN headline already in January 2012.



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Originally Posted by bluebirdgr View Post
Very interesting.

Mr Rumfitt said Khan was "blissfully unaware" the security services were monitoring his conversations.
Jan 30 2008

...sounds like East Germany or North Korea. [cf the two Micks not being on the radar and Andrew Parker: "I was appointed Director-General of MI5 in April [2013]." If I were Parker, I'd have a go at Jonathan Evans on the matter of a poor hand-over]

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Originally Posted by castle story View Post
Yesterday (Tuesday) The Sun and The Mirror ran their front pages about a fantatical Muslim terrorist who had been convicted for life for his involvement in a plot to capture and behead a solider, saying he had attacked a prison guard and stabbed him.

The story was not true. The incident had happened on Sunday so there had been plenty of time for the papers to check their facts before publishing, particularly considering what they were going to publish would be very inflammatory in a highly, already, tense situation.

It mattered not. The important thing was they were able to convey the message that fanatical muslims want to behead people, in bold headlines.

Both Sun and Mirror edited their stories online during the day after a Ministry of Justice statement. Millions of copies of the papers had already been sold.

Now on the Mirror site:-


* The Mirror would like to make clear that, contrary to our earlier report, the Ministry of Justice has confirmed that Parviz Khan, who is serving a life sentence for plotting to behead a British solider, was not involved in kidnapping a prison guard at Full Sutton jail, near York, on Sunday.

.....but it later emerged he is not an inmate at Full Sutton.

A Ministry of Justice spokesman said: "An incident involving three prisoners took place at HMP Full Sutton on 26 May from 4.25pm and was successfully resolved at 8.40pm after staff intervened.

"A police investigation is ongoing."

er, where is he an inmate then, after this unusual coincidence??

K998765 ‏@K998765
#CRLOC38 Birmingham 9-10-2013 Court 15 U20131321 Parviz KHAN (WORC T20137019) For Pre-Trial Review - Case Started - 10:16
2:41 AM - 9 Oct 13 [10:41 AM]

09-10-2013 Birmingham Crown Court 15 U20131321
parviz khan (worc t20137019)
Details: For Pre-Trial Review - Case Started - 10:16
11-09-2013 Worcester Crown Court 1 T20137019
**** ****
Details: Custody Time Limit application - Case to be listed for Trial on 28-Oct-2013 - 11:03
15-04-2013 Worcester Crown Court 2 T20137019
**** ****
Details: Plea and Case Management - Case Started - 14:14
Plea and Case Management - Case to be listed for Trial on 09-Sep-2013 - 14:2


is this related?

It was an absurd story because the address of Khan was freely available on the web at Long Lartin Prison in Worcestershire since April 2013:

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Originally Posted by master card View Post
Crikey! If you actually think the above – I'm more scared of you than these guys, seriously

Sometimes things happen without a conspiracy, fuck me.
How mad do you feel now?
"Masonry, like all the Religions, all the Mysteries, Hermeticism and Alchemy, conceals its secrets from all except the Adepts and Sages, or the Elect, and uses false explanations and misinterpretations of its symbols to mislead those who deserve only to be misled;
The truth must be kept secret, and the masses need a teaching proportioned to their imperfect reason… - Albert Pike Sharpen & Use your reasoning daily - the nine
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Well, it's the third anniversary today, so we need a story to keep the event real in everybody's minds. Whom to tap up. Why not the angel of Woolwich, Ingrid Loyau-Kennett? Indeed.


Ingrid Loyau-Kennett has been left battling post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and anxiety attacks and is terrified to leave her home.
But the former teacher, from Helston, Cornwall, told the Sun she is now jobless and battling PTSD and has given up her old hobbies as a scout header, bell ringer and chorister.

"Every day I had an activity. Now it’s the complete emptiness around me. I can’t stop sleeping, I just don’t wake up,” she said.

“I recently lost three stone and have a list of medication longer than my arm.”

She said doctors have not helped her and complained: “I feel sick, poor and isolated. What’s the point in being a hero if I don’t see it in my everyday life?”
What better way to illustrate the article than with a three year old photo of Ingrid?

Her PTSD also seems to have dampened her enthusiasm for twitter - last curious check in late October 2015
Ingrid Loyau-Kennett Retweeted
Cryptosightings ‏@CryptoSightings 28 Oct 2015
Cryptid Sea Monster photographed off coast of Corfu near Greece - http://cryptosightings.com/cryptid-s...fu-near-greece

err, right

What's son Basil up to these days?
no mention of mum.
Looks like someone has tried to butcher him and cut his head off

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not much tweeting from Basil's sister, Ingrid's daughter since "Woolwich"
one and only tweet June 24 2013
Pawony Baradaran [email protected] 24 May 2013
#MyMumisaMotherfuckingBadass coz I have the same mum as @SiibillamLaw 's

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another failed beheading? No, it's halloween
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Default lee rigby

Originally Posted by reallife View Post
You can't keep that many people quiet!!!
Lee Rigby was my natural son. I have wrote to hundreds of UK MP, but none of them wrote me back and none of them disagreed me.#

My name is anna Zheng, Zheng is my surname, my Chinese maiden name is Wei, I was born 15th Jan 1964.I am Chinese who came to Britain in 1987 Nov, as I was married to an English man John Joseph Hoolin. I gave birth to my son on 11th Jan 1988, at the Roy Hartley Maternity Unit at Billinge Hospital. The hospital exchanged my baby for an orphan baby abandoned by his mother, now I believe it was Lyn J Seville, who was 21 years years old.

My baby was registered as Andrew Hoolin name after his father John J Hoolin, my name was written as Anna Hoolin. on baby's birth record written as John Hoolin. on 2002,John's birth record was added more details on, Anna Hoolin should be as Anna Hoolin, Maiden name Wei zheng. Please look my face book for my and John's picture, I look just like Lee Rigby and John looks just like Lyn Rigby.

I didn't know my baby was exchanged until I saw Lee Rigby's news on TV. I recognized it was by son immediately. then I checked and realized my blood group is O, John's is B and my ex husband John J Hoolin blood group is O.
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