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Default ‘Bionic’ Eye Helps Blind Man To See After 33 Years

This is simply amazing! If you know someone who is blind, they can try their luck with new Bionic Eye.! :luv:

MORE ➜ http://hackread.com/bionic-eye-helps...fter-33-years/
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We like light bulbs....
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Great news for him. Putting aside the doom and gloom of cyborgs and the singularity taking over the globe, i like seeing technology used for currently irreplaceable conditions, especially blindness. Hope the guy is able to live a normal life where he can actually see his families faces again.

I would be weary of using it however. Wireless tech can be hacked into without much effort. Someone could send him on an acid trip at the click of a button! Or worse, disable his vision with a jamming device. For the naysayers: http://www.techhive.com/article/2012...ia-laptop.html

I have to say, i noticed that 1:28 in the video, looks like they are praying to a "god", if i were a doctor or surgeon i'd find it very insulting to be honest. People don't spend decades of research and training to be told their work is a creation of somebody else. Maybe the doctors were from a bible-belt town and didn't mind. I don't know. People go into the medical area because they want to help people, they don't have a lust for being thanked and praised, but really, praying to a god after a "medical miracle" probably hurts a few people deep down inside.

I think it's good news. I have no doubts that such technology will be used by the wrong hands at some point though.
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I am glad for him....... I hope no one tries to ruin it for him! (Hackers,etc)
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bionic eye, eye health

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