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Default Facing the True world Situation:

Facing the True world Situation:

"Until we understand where we are, and accept it, we will not be able to move forwards from it "


There was once a time when humankind, or what was at that time humankind, were not in ignorance of their heritage and nature as spiritual beings first and foremost.

Currently, however, most persons are in fact ignorant of that very truth; the very fundament of their life remains, for the most part, obscured to them.

Now, there are reasons for this. Without going into too much detail, let us say that over time, mankind invited into its sphere, from the broad realms of the cosmos, through protracted selfish choices, as a race; as a collective; certain forces and intelligences which are not at all beneficent, and in fact, are quite malevolent, as far as human spiritual realization and development are concerned.

This is due in part, to the nature of the lower worlds, which have a tendency to encourage selfishness (which is self preservation, and also the dominance of the desire nature over the spiritual nature) and ignorance of Higher things as a means of self protection; for the Immortal and eternal is perceived as a bane, a threat to the mortality which wishes itself preserved, as is its nature ("Where God is, the world is Not").

This is saying that the manifest world is endowed with a certain intelligence, being spawned, as it was, from the desire-wish of beings endowed with the Creative Power of the Divine. When this intelligence is allowed to gain dominance over the Will-Volition of the indwelling Divine Spirit, a situation of ignorance and forgetfulness results, whereby the world of form is perpetuated by the continued (and in this sense, somewhat coerced, due to ignorance) involvement of Divine Material; meaning the soul-spark of individuated beings; in the world of form.

In such a situation, beings act from the impulses stemming from their form-nature, their mortal being, and not the impulses of their Divinely Endowed Spirit : their Conscience.

Which is to say, the puppet master, the master of the Person: the Soul, becomes puppeteered by the puppet: the form nature.

Needless to say, this naturally results in a great and complicated quandary, due to the nature of the world which seeks to remind the soul of its Real Nature through the consequences of suffering resulting from actions stemming from the selfish lower nature.

With us so far?

The time at which mankind started to become ignorant of its inherent spiritual Nature, its Divine Heritage, was the time when the world of form (and this includes the temporary worlds which reside just beyond this realm, the worlds where most people go when their body perishes, to await a return to this sphere), the lower world, began to hold sway over the mind and heart of these beings.

Thus began the imprisonment of mankind.

Those powers and forces which i speak of, are a manifestation of this ignorance, which results in the apparent power of matter over spirit. This is due only to forgetfulness, on the level of the Soul, so to speak.

These powers and forces are the embodiment and personification; on gross material levels, as well as more subtle energetic levels; of the dominance and intelligence of the form-world, the world of continual change and transitoriness, the world of self-preservation, desire, fear, ignorance, darkness, and all of the polarities which result.

This form-world (including of course, the astral/feeling and mental spheres, which are commonly mistaken as 'spiritual') in which we reside is distinct from the Spiritual world in which the Divine Spirit resides.

That world is one of Perfection, it does not come and go, it does not have its opposite (though, in this world, the nature of the Divine Kingdom ever is related as a paradox, due to the inability of the thinking mind; the intellect; which is of the dualistic form nature, to comprehend what is beyond it) and it is continually illumined by the Light of the Divine Spirit.

Its hallmarks are Unity and Harmony, and these qualities may be reflected in the form world, when the form aspect is guided in totality by the Divine Spirit; while the nature of the form world naturally inclines towards individuation, self preservation and opposite forces (duality).

When there is total accord of ones being with the Divine Universe, there is no separate being, there is no love-hate, no pleasure-pain, no remember-forgetting, no light-darkness, except in the play of appearances, which to the Divinely Illumined indwelling Spirit is but a Play, a Movie, an appearance-Drama having no real substance.

Eventually, when such a complete accord is allowed to run its course, there is even a complete dissapearance from the form-world entirely, and a return to that Other, Unified, Fullfilled and Complete Nature.

However, to the being entrapped within the illusions of materiality; the form-nature; the existence of the separate, individuated being; and the world of continual opposition and swinging from one opposite to the next, is very real.


It is the case that, at this time, the gross material nature of the lower worlds, the world whose nature is self-preservation and desire (which results in selfishness) holds sway over the soul of the majority of humankind.

Humanity is blind, and they cannot see that they are blind.
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Good post whoever you cut and pasted it from

however, I do have issues with labels like 'Spiritual' and Astral/Mental planes etc its to budhist/hindu/religious for me.

Noone is more spiritual than anyone else, its just a matter of perspective.
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Dear G,

What is so bandied about as spirit today by many new agers, occultists ect has nothing realy to do with spirit at all. When people think that as personalities they are spiritual beings they are grossly deluded. The personality is but an abberrated mirror.
So much confusion and distortion amongst the niave yet ignorant self-seeking populace! Higher idealisms, well wishing, and the "feeling good" attitude of those "spiritual personages" have assisted in leading astray mass humanity into total and wrongful consciousness alignment.
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