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Originally Posted by ally_uk View Post
serious question has anyone spoken to either? how do you actually talk to them? I am not religious but I have this daily habit of speaking to a higher being I ask them in the name of jesus and the holy spirit to guide and protect me. To protect my family.

Can anybody help? how do you like communicate with your higher being.
I once knew someone who talks to Jesus / God. I heard he sounds just like Morgan Freeman.
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Originally Posted by trebor8 View Post
Or maybe a false nature?
A false nature that we cannot shake off. Maybe because it is real.

The connection between Icke and 9/11
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Originally Posted by kalam View Post
Reply: You don't talk to jesus. He doesn't exist. He's a created myth to keep people like you stuck on the physical plane.

You are God. You are the creative force of the universe. You are a powerful Creator.

You are that which you think you are seeking. You are it. You are God. It's not outside of you.

When you can get Spirits to believe that God is outside of themselves then you've got their Consciousness captured.

All you need to do is speak/think about that which you want to manifest/create. You're speaking to yourself.

The illusion/reptilians created jesus to keep Spirits stuck in something that doesn't exist. And to do that they had to give him a face to make him real; pictures of jesus, jesus hanging n cross with a face. A huge trap.

Wake up to what you truly are, the Higher Self is you.

Is it not easier and far more likely to be able to as a shepherd lead a flock to the greener grass than trying to train every sheep of that flock to be a shepherd to lead themselves?

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