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Default Bush and Clinton

They are having great time,laughing and joking.
No worry in world,they dont think about people they have killed or harmed.
And it is amazing how they get "along" as if they are part of same "family".

Oh wait Clinton said for Bush 'He's my brother from another mother'.

Mother Queen???


[IMG]George W Bush has described Bill Clinton as a 'brother from another mother' in a gushing interview about their surprising friendship. He added that his own father 'serves as a father figure' to Clinton, who pushed the elder Bush out of office in 1992. And among the many jokes they share, they have recently been chortling about the 2016 election when Clinton's wife Hillary could well run against Bush's younger brother Jeb.[/IMG]

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These two are part of some of the greatest crimes in recent history. One being the hijacking of the US Government by a GHW Bush led CIA back in 1980.

In 1981, GHW Bush's business partner's son tried to kill Reagan. Had he succeeded, Bush would have taken over then, as he was VP. But as it were, he was President in a more clandestine way, and finally left office in 1992 when Clinton was elected.

In 1981, the CIA were trying to take over Nicaragua to have a base for controlling drug running in that region, as the Bush's/CIA turned to drug running years ago as a way to finance their activities around the globe. Bush could not get help from Congress at that time, as he didn't have enough "sympathizers" in the right places until 1984. That was when they turned from drugs as the main source of revenue for the Contras and instead sold weapons. See "The Iran Contra Affair".

The CIA began flying shipments of cocaine in to Mena, Arkansas in the early '80's. Clinton was Governor at the time and was very fond of cocaine. The CIA then shipped the cocaine to Virginia, using Don Tyson's "Tyson's Chicken" delivery trucks as one of the methods. In Virginia they turned the coke into what was then called cocaine "paste", and became better known as crack. The CIA invented crack as a way of maximizing the product and the revenue. They started selling in Los Angeles, using the Bloods and Crips street gangs as couriers -- hence why at one time these gangs were armed with military/police style weaponry. The money was delivered to a big coke dealer, who turned it over to a Nicaraguan contact. The man who uncovered this story was a man named Gary Webb, and it's all detailed in this excellent book called Whiteout by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair


That is a link to at least the 1st chapter. Webb was a reporter out of Sacramento who thought he would get a Pulitzer, instead he was blacklisted, ruined and ultimately died of "suicide" by two gunshots to the head.

In any case, that is how Clinton wound up being in the Bush's pockets. He aided the drug running operation that was set up in his state. A great documentary about Clinton's activities in Mena and other sordid details about him and his wife is either


Bill Clinton:His Life, or this one


The Clinton Chronicles.

Both are similar and excellent. As dirty as the Clinton's are, keep in mind, they are "owned" by the Bush's.
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Two of the biggest losers on the planet here...glad they are gone...
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