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Originally Posted by JustMe418 View Post
There is a difference between an organisation and individuals who use organisations as fronts for their illegal activity though. For you its far too easy to pretend that there is no difference and then you can tar everybody with the same brush. Like I keep saying, which you keep ignoring, pedos exist in all walks of life.

I stand by what I said because you are happy to push falsehoods and twisted concepts and ideas to try and create a specific vision of certain peoples and groups being inherently evil. You categorically refuse to accept any good that your target people do. You have also admitted in the past that a lot of your stuff is opinion and belief, which begs the question, why would you want to create such a belief system and convince others that its true? that is the essence of lies and deception and you are pushing it quite blantantly.
'a lot of your stuff is opinion and belief'....that's very vague!

what exactly am i saying that is not true? Please break it down into specific points

if you think pedophilia is not rampant in the british establishment then you are delusional.

It clearly is with mass rapists like jimmy saville being knighted by the queen and the pope; don't tell me their intelligence agencies didn't know what jimmy saville was upto

Freemasons are regularly implicated in these things and we know that things like pedophilia are used as BLACKMAIL so the establishment prefers when its members have some dirt on them as they are all then part of the same dirty club which is why initiations of secret societies often involve compromising acts. We even learned that our ex prime minister had stuck his cock in a dead pig as part of an initiation and that was only for some university club!

Imagine what the secret societies get upto to ensure that their members will never break loose and squeal on the rest of them

you strike me as either very ill informed and naive or as downright dishonest in your denial of the prevalence of that kind of activity at the top of society where it most definately has a corrosive effect on democracy because of its potential for blackmail

and then there is the satanic ritual aspect...
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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