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Default Television is reality?

You watch the news and whether its the EU election or anything else, how do we know what we're watching is real?

I mean I watch the likes of Cameron,Boris and Farage and I just see some posh twits playing a part.
They're all mates drinking together after the performance, I just don't believe any of it.

I think the whole election was fake like every election, I think if people are passionate about changing something they don't wait for the powers that be to give them a say, they take action against the powers that be because its them that are the problem.

People change things not pieces of paper.
"I am here to kick ass and chew bubblegum and I'm all out of bubblegum"
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Congratulations, you are awake.

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Tv is programming imo and I threw mine out years ago.

I love that pic you did posh, its something I would put on my wall.
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Problem: Immigration, austerity, etc
Reaction: Something must be done
Solution: Referendum - exit inept leaders of main parties, ushering in new leadership to make the current one look like the Salvation Army.

Not saying that's what has gone on, I do believe the vote results reflected genuine majority feelings - but the above PRS narrative could be the case.

Anyone familiar with independence movements particularly in the 20th century - not all, just most - know that they don't always live up to the hype once sovereignty is achieved. The desire for independence is real - the people in charge of managing it often aren't.

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it's real I assure you but it's all theatrical!

Kate bush wow springs to mind whilst typing for some reason?


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