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Default MasonicInfo.com's webpage on David Icke

I see MasonicInfo.com has toned down its vitriol against David Icke (they once had a cartoon of nurse about to give him his medication, etc.)

A popular figure on the lecture circuit, New Age David Icke will try to convince you that your problems aren't really your fault but rather that of a huge, world-wide conspiracy. While his web presence hides much of his message in socially-acceptable (and eagerly sought) new-age inanity, his actual beliefs are far more dark.

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Most people know of the grand plan nowadays?
Its no big secret.
Example from a science conference in Wales.


Its a bit tardy mocking David for common knowledge?
All living things will want to be present for this day when time ends, and we enter the forever cycle of the Fifth World...
Then, one morning in a moment, we will awaken to the Red Dawn. The sky will be the color of blood..."

Ghostwolf & the Hopi Elders
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