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Default Just some info about myself

4 years ago I was driven nearly insane by monarch programming that was done to me. Part of the experience has totally changed my math perceptions and how I treat or see numbers. 2 years after this event I learned of rik clay searching for other people studying numerology or number theory.

I focused on Rik because he was one of the few on the net talking about the number 11. Whatever rik discovered himself is immense but I believe it now to be fundamental to a larger problem we are all facing. This problem does come down to division but also a combination and sequence of numbers.

My main point is that years ago I created benchmark in number theory to test how efficient all numbers are. In the benchmark I found some amazing results but also others that make me fear those enslaving or indoctrinating most people on this world. This is a huge task that is still on going but I will reveal some details I feel your crowd should know.

3 11 37

These numbers over time gain impressive strength over other numbers. When they combine they often make repeating numbers or feed in to repeating systems.


There are other numbers they favor but they leave their symbolism all over most modern media. My current study is also revealing that this has been going on for decades if not longer consdering that both 666 and 616 are both derivatives of the numbers I mentioned.

From what I have seen and on studied on this subject it my firm belief Rik was killed. He was killed because he was at least one huge part in spotting how these people work but ultimately because what his work would represent threatens various religions, most of modern academia, and more importantly those in the shadows trying to get ahead while the rest of humanity is being turned in to cybernetic slave race and their souls are divided then eventually harvested. Whatever he and others on this subject know if taken seriously will cause a serious paradigm shift once technology from some knowledge is given to the public if that is ever allowed.

I'm seeking people here who are good with office software, mainly something like excel and who are to willing to document and research this project of mine. I can show you the ropes allow you to create some independent of me that can easily continue on without my influence or interruptions due to my absence.

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