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Default The dangerous path of the conspiracy researcher

Guys I am no specialist on Rik Clay and so I won't say what I think of his so-called research but here's a very interesting, sympathetic and useful article about him by the owner of http://www.2012rising.com

This is for all you Rik Clay groupies out there

Rik Clay - Researcher & Explorer

I have left writing this article for some time as I realise that there has been a whirlwind of speculation and debate on this topic. I did not know Rik Clay outside of his interview on Redice Creations and his articles though we were both young male English spiritual conspiracy bloggers writing on similar subjects at the same time in the UK. As such I related to Rik and his personal journey and recognised a kindred spirit.

It was sad then to hear of his light passing from this plane of existence, even more so as it was brought about by the deeply depressing death that is deliberate suicide. Or at least that is where the hard evidence remains until those who believe he was murdered can produce significant evidence themselves. Certainly I also have my own doubts that his sudden crash from confident revelations to suicide is to be taken without some reasonable suspicion.

It is reasonably likely that Rik had encountered my own work on the 2012 subject after all this site comes up high in numerous 2012 searches, especially for Google UK. He did not tend to quote sources for his information but rather gave an overview from his own perspective. I can understand that remembering all relevant sources during a frank radio interview is not the easiest thing. That said his 11-11 material seemed to have been partly based on my popular article, which is currently the top result in Google search for ‘11:11 2012’.

I mention this only to note that it is likely the two of us then exchanged information unknown to one another. This kind of research work is only possible by teamwork and the recognition we all stand on the shoulders of others. Each generation has carried on the work of those who came before, always seeking the goal of freedom from tyranny for all beings on Earth and personal self-enlightenment.

What I hope then is that perhaps I might be able to offer some insight into the final days of Rik Clay and thereby possibly offer something to family, friends and interested parties. Assuming for a moment that Rik Clay was not directly murdered by the New World Order he was fighting against let us explore the possibilities left open.

Rik was younger than I by five years, being just 26 when he hit the very public forums with his information and then crashed and burned. Like myself he was very clearly concerned with esoteric and occult considerations alongside the physical and psychological concerns recognised by the majority of fringe researchers. Beyond the edge of mundane reality are realms that can be very shocking indeed to newcomers. There are places of rolling infinite chaos filled with intense emotion that can not be emotionally experienced in mundane consensus reality and 4D space. There is also the recognition that peculiar hidden forces are in continuous conflict or are moving throughout the stranger events occurring. Everything from astral travel, remote viewing, telepathy and channelling have to be newly considered and recognised as genuine.

Listening to the Redice interview there is one line that stands out, “I do too much thinking as it is. I’m sick of thinking.”

I was 10 when I first became extremely interested in world mysteries thanks to Brooke Bond’s ‘Unexplained Mysteries of the World’ collectable cards. Several years later at 16 I began to experience psychic phenomena and other elements of paranormal activity. Some of this even leaves me open to the possibility I was actually touched by the so called ‘alien abduction’ phenomena, but that’s another story. At around 23 I became fully absorbed into both mystery study and spiritual self-development due largely to some incredible supernatural events experienced. When I eventually decided to fully commit to discussing my research and experiences publicly I was 30 years old and 2012Rising.com is of course the result.

So although I may be young compared to many of the better known fringe subject researchers I have probably had more opportunity to ground myself and integrate incredible affairs psychologically than many of them. It seems likely to me that this is largely why Rik Clay is dead and yet I am not. The life of an esoteric conspiracy researcher is by no means an easy one to live and certainly opens any individual to incredible personal risks. I have spent periods with suicidal leanings and indeed several years ago had a period that was very dark and certainly would be fair to call a form of insanity. The mind can be strong but the forces it encounters can be overwhelming. There are also occult forces to consider.

The Buddha once mentioned that his teachings were like a handful of leaves from the forest floor. There was always far more truth out there, yet he only taught the truths that brought happiness and self-enlightenment. There are truths about your personal reality that can crack your mind like an eggshell if you are not ready to process them and ground yourself against their profundity. There are truths that I have encountered that I have taken years to deliberately bury and drive from my mind so as to bring about the semblance of normality required for a happy and balanced physical existence.

It would seem that Rik perhaps stepped into these realms and faced their onslaught alone, in my experience it is difficult to except help from those who have not journeyed past the door of consensus reality. These loved ones take on an illusionary quality, as though they were merely figures playing some strange role in the greater dream called life. If one is fortunate the combination of loving family and friends is aided by some reasonably enlightened contact that is able to make the difference. It takes one such as this to reach the lost wanderer in his or her own territory.

The beginning of a major period of serious self development and mystery research is a risky time. This is the truth behind the biblical story of opening Pandora’s box. When you look directly into the heart of the great mysteries and the core self some negative forces may well emerge. To process incredible changes in the self and personal worldview necessarily causes a lot of psychological chaos in ones daily life. It can be suddenly very hard to go to your 9 to 5 job or maintain any current romantic relationship (both initiated when one had a completely different perspective on life).

The two major factors tend to be the sudden realisation that the conspiracies, or perhaps ones personal blinders, have shrouded an unbelievable web of multi-entangled information about life and the universe. It is easy to be drawn into this mass of connection between fringe research subjects and be intensely occupied by such studies. Notably too one may begin to experience a bizarre flow of synchronicity that seems to lead one to the next puzzle piece in the jigsaw manifesting before you. If alongside this other supernatural happenings occur it can make for an unsettling mix.

I am not sure if Rik Clay ever used hallucinogenic plants during his explorations though I have read that he used LSD. Having been involved in the types of subjects that he mentions he would certainly have been aware of the widespread use of entheogens for personal gnosis. One thing that I do know is that etheogen use certainly can lead to rapid enlightenment’s and then sudden crashes back down to suicide. There have been several such deaths in the psychonaught community (those people who use chemicals to gain insight). Using these plants can be rewarding for the right person in the right situation. They can also be a terrible idea for the wrong person in the wrong situation. Just in case this was indeed part of the Rik Clay story, which I suspect it was, we should bring this subject into wider awareness. The awakening he went through may have been overwhelming enough, but if he did use these plants it would have multiplied the intensity by a factor of 100’s.

My admission is that I was nearly lost to such forces myself. So I am in no way saying that I am some spiritual master and that Rik was somehow weak. Despite all that time and integration, years in which to ground peculiar matters and the support I had. The intensity of that period of flux was almost to much for me. I owe my own spiritual and psychological recovery to largely to three key people. One is a world authority on etheogens and shamanism, another is a spiritual writer and secret Egypt researcher the last is a Buddhist forest monk giving blessings in a small rural village in East Thailand. I owe each a debt that goes beyond words of thanks. Not so many people in my situation would be able to fall upon such crucially important types of people for the correct form of help required.

I would caution any truth seeker new to intense investigation of the reality around us (and part of us). It is a profound stage in your soul quest for enlightenment. Take the decision fully having considered it and begun to prepare mentally. Recognise that you are attempting to attack the very foundations upon which you have built your entire life. Your relationships, your job, your family and yourself all stand upon those foundations. There is nothing wrong with the decision to do this, it is something everyone will do in time.

Be aware though that it will cause an amount of self-suffering, a degree of chaos and perhaps even periods of emotional breakdown. Relationships may become strained or even snap under the pressure of ones rapidly changing beliefs. Friends and family may not appreciate all of the changes that occur and may find your updated views upsetting or offensive to their sensibilities. It is however a worthwhile process as long as one can bear with it and adapt to its permutations.

I would then further caution any person in such a situation to become heavily involved with etheogens or synthetic hallucinogens. Though these do bring about profound revelations about the nature of reality the western culture is no longer shamanic. There is precious little ritual context for its safe use in such societies and almost no support network for some of those involved.

Realising that other dimensions are real is very different to suddenly finding yourself visiting one. Excepting the reality of beings from other dimensions pales when compared to having one of these beings manifested in your bedroom. Instead of the slow creep toward oneness suddenly you actually are your table or lampshade looking back at your physical body. Surprise, surprise not everyone can handle such experiences with intact minds. Etheogens have their place in mystical and esoteric research work, especially in cultures with shamanic traditions. They can be useful tools of exploration even for we Westerners, but there is no doubt whatsoever that they carry grave risks too.

Whatever the truth behind Rik Clays actual death his decision to remove his Blog and disappear tells us a lot. In the mundane view Rik could of just left his work online and never written another word or posted another response. This would seem to be just as straightforward and effective as going to the trouble of removing websites and videos from the web. In my view, and seemingly his, the information would still be drawing energy towards him. If he felt that some large degree of this focus on him was by malicious parties it may well of had him concerned about his spiritual or energetic well being. There have been periods where I have disappeared from web activity due to similar concerns myself when going through serious personal problems in the day to day experience of living. I can imagine there would have been an incredible amount of turmoil going on for him.

Perhaps his friends and family can take some comfort from knowing that they would likely not have been qualified to reach Rik if he was in the kind of places I have mentioned. I am sure he was aware they loved him and wanted to help. Without assistance from knowledgeable and very spiritually enlightened persons a truth seeker on a crash and burn path has little chance of turning things around. The message I suppose then is to build community amongst those of us seriously taking the road less travelled. We have to be there to pick up a stumbling brother or sister and offer everything to another, which has been offered to us in our own times of need. That said I am aware that Rik had health problems that played their part in terms of an adrenal problem and some have suggested a fatal cancer was diagnosed.

Having personally lived a life less ordinary I have absolutely no doubt that Rik Clay will continue his journey in some new form. I wish him good luck and God speed. I thank him for touching so many and for raising this important subject for wider consideration. His own research data will live on after him and no doubt will inspire others to take the path toward amazing discoveries.

To quote Rik Clay:

“It’s a terrible thing when someone dies obviously. But if it was done as a way to ascend that spirit or soul to a different level then obviously it’s on a much grander plan isn’t it?
So basically negativity is required, tragedy is required, to ascend the essence of love and everything that goes with it.”

Sabbe Sutta Dakka Pamacantu
- and when your worry machine kicks in (whether tripping or not), just remember what a miracle life is and give thanks.

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What some might call enlightenment, others will call depersonalization.
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