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Default 911 truth movement still growing after 9 years

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Well nothing ever was answered, I think its right that its still going.

With WTC7 being demolished within a few hours when on fire... how?
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Its good seeing the moment so strong!!!!
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Originally Posted by dude111 View Post
Its good seeing the moment so strong!!!!

It is not going to go away and it is only a matter of time until TPTB and MSM can no longer hold it back.
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I like they ending, so that it never happens again in our country. want it to never happen again get rid of all the secret orginazations that get a shit ton of money to do whatever they want and dont have to tell anyone about it.

A new investigation will be quite interesting to hear, after 8 yrs of truthers picking apart every little detail it will be hard for them to come up with a rock solid theory.

Did Planes hit? Yes/No what type does it matter? something crashed into them weather it was a 747 a small aircraft drone radio controlled flown aircraft. Something most definetly hit them from outside

If the odds were good enuff that one giant skyscraper could have fell perfectly straight down then everyone that seen that shoulda played the lotto that day, but for "Both Buildings to free fall " Helen Keller coulda seen that this wasnt just mere coincedence. AND THEN then WTC Buidling 7 Free Falling. Seriously this shit was planned so far ahead of time its freaking ridicoulous
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