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Default David's current view r.e. reptilians?

Please could someone explain to me David's current thinking r.e. reptilians? All I have is info from way back and I would like to know if his current thinking has changed in any way, expanded or adapted his original ideas on this, or are his ideas r.e. reptilians unchanged? Thank you.
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I have noticed that too. Any reference to reptilians seem to have disappeared...I too would like to know what his current position on the subject is.
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David has a new book coming out soon and my understanding is that he is going to go beyond the 'physical' play out holographic world and more to the source of things

No doubt the reptillians will feature in that

For the doubters who have sadly been put off davids brilliant work by the mainstream media missdirection about 'lizards ruling the world'....if you substitute the word 'reptilian' for 'psychopath' it works pretty well

david has mentioned carlos castendedas mention of the 'flyers' who gave their mind to humanity

If you think of the story of the epic of gilgamesh which then birthed the biblical flood stories etc, there was a being who lived in harmony with the animals until he was exposed to some form of civilisation and after that he became estranged from the animals

Something happened to human consciousness at some point in the past which differentiated us from the other animals

Hollywood is currently making the prometheus films as part of the 'aliens' franchise about a group of alien genetic engineers who travel around the universe changing the DNA structures of other species

Prometheus is the lightbringer or lucifer who masonic occult orders revere

Lucifer or the serpent in the garden of eden is said to have done something to humanity to change their consciousness

Terence Mckenna would argue that it was the magic mushroom that acted as the accelerator pad to human consciousness, however the mushroom is suppressed by the system which is aiming at receeding human awareness rather than expanding it

So what is the 'mind' that the predators gave us? It is our ego....the part that constantly harangues us with pride, jelousy, malicious thoughts, inadequacies etc

The ego is territorial and competitive just like reptillian creatures

The mammalian part of the brain however is concerned with nurturing of young and with compassion

We do seem to be ruled by 'blue bloods' who are extremely power hungry and territorial and who seem to have a severe compassion bypass

They push a very left brain or intellectual side of human consciousness and suppress the more holistic and interconnective, creative and intuitive right brain

The 10 university degrees for earning the highest in our society are all left brain technical degrees and such endevours are always rewarded in our society

Such technical know how is what drives the military industrial complexes constant arms race pushing humanity ever closer to destruction

It drove massive consumption and the geoengineering scheme said to be used to cover the tracks of the damage caused by that consumption

The unbalanced left brain is a massive threat to the continued existence of our species

However the left brain has come up with solutions to that problem. It will merge us with machines and shed our human bodies and with it our pasisons, our art, our creativity, our expression, our love, our suffering, our warmth of human contact and everything that makes us human

The left brain powered by ego is how the flyers or archons are using our own consciousness against us

They are not capable of creative expression themselves and do not understand human love and compassion

Just as the watchers looked with lust at beautiful human women the archon look at human warmth and joy with envious hate

Envy is the desire to destroy that which you cannot have for yourself

That is the aim of the archons...to extinguish all traces of human expression

This is why expression is suppressed unless it is distortive and why anything that cheapens expression or the dignity of the human spirit is financially rewarded

''it's your world isn't it'' Bill Hicks said ruefully to people working in advertising

No it's not their world, but they are the ones the system rewards
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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That's an interesting question .... but a better one would be , what led him to this idea, and what additional information has become available , so we can analyse it and come to our own conclusion.

A must watch is Ickes "revelations of a mother goddess"

A second body of evidence is the one covered in this thread http://forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?t=64998

I think these are the main two , I'd be interested to know of any others from Icke.

Now we have an overwhelming body of data regarding the Reptillians from many respected sources.... Andrew Bartzis, Simon Parkes , Alex Collier, Barbara Machiniac, Randy Cramer., and others. To get a balanced and full picture we must be familliar with all these and others. They basically all agree with Icke.

These are physical ET's who have been manipulating us genetically and politically (through surrogate humans, the illuminati) for a very long time. ...

They are psychically very powerful , able to overshadow their illuminati followers , and in some circumstances , cause their bodies to shift into reptilian form (whilst they, the rep, is elsewhere).

Through their human surrogates they have turned the Earth into prison planet, unknown to most of the humans, this is about to change as the cosmic tide shifts, and makes things ripe for humanity to see the prison and demand freedom.
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