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Default Westminster Bridge video

Came across yet another video regarding the victims of the Westminster Bridge Attack of 2017. Not sure whether the video maker/researcher is right about his assumptions on the "alleged" deceased, but does point out some strange anomalies nevertheless.

I'm not too sure whether the play on words title "Less Roads", meaning Leslie Rhodes, is very amusing considering we don't know for absolute fact whether the individual mentioned really did die. Yes, we can scream "dummy...crises actors", but we don't know. Some of the interviews I've watched of the victims family seemed quite genuine to me, no sign of the often spotted smiling, laughing or other duping delight indications that I could see.

I also wish people creating these videos would spell properly: like for instance "have" instead of "of". Did they go to school?.

In the video, it says no neighbours attended the funeral. I don't see how strange that is, there maybe many reasons for that: maybe his neighbours never got on well with him or didn't know him that well; or maybe they didn't want to attend to avoid the media.



I thought this comment below the video was interesting:

"Yes this is one of many "false flag terror attacks" their objectives to close off towns & cities to vehicles except the elites of course hence all the cycle lanes being built & facial recognition & checkpoints amongst many other things"

Makes me wonder why they do seem to be making cycle lanes more and more, in my town they've done this at the exact same time as the new (no doubt pointless and from the taxpayers pockets) road layout, allegedly to cease more traffic. However, restricting all public vehicles on city and town centre roads would be a little bit of a stretch, and I can't imagine people complying with that. Unless of course these similar false flag type of attacks continue and laws are changed to prevent vehicles from entering those places. But why would they want to do that?. Control people's movements?. I haven't seen any checkpoints around the town's and cities I've been too recently.

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