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adam the chivalric
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Lightbulb Youtube legit filmed Moon Anomalies?

Watch The strange occurrences involving the moon. Especailly the sudden abnormal dimmer of light in part 2 perhaps this can be explained by planetary motions? As they say it is supposed to be the reflection of the sunlight on the surface. Could David Icke be onto something,..? And we are just resorting to textbook conjecture to new claims, perhaps we should wait untill the book is out and see. LOL in part 2 it looks like a sun, suddenly twinkle its now our moon.. perhaps a camera light? Observe, look then give me your take on the moon.

Part ONE


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Here are my opinions on these vids

Regarding video 2

I don't see anything strange in this video.

1... start has extremely over-exposed Moon. Cam might have automatic modes for low-light level recording but bright Moon is therefore way over-exposed . Cam aperture may open full and exposure time may increase in this camera mode. Check camera settings.

I would suggest that the camera suddenly entered some mode of light reception as the whole scene got less exposed and the Moon glow disappeared and details were then able to be seen where it was just way over-exposed before then.

2... Tons of light wispy clouds seen in Earth's sky. Seen as dark wisps across backdrop of bright Moon.

I see nothing in this video suggesting any real occurence except likely caused by cam.


regarding video 1

I see the Moon which is again way over-exposed and so is causing a huge glow and has all features washed over by light. It appears to be some days after Full Moon (assuming this vid is taken from the Earth's northern hemisphere) so the Moon is going towards last quarter. It must have been taken after midnight I think.

It seems there is a distant thick bank of clouds near the horizon and less dense layering of clouds further up.

All I see is the Moon obscured in various ways by moving clouds in Earth's atmosphere.

I don't see anything unusual or suggesting strange "UFO" activity.


Also I would suggest everyone with electronic camera technology learn about how their cameras may adjust themselves automatically for varying light level recording. I would also suggest recording the events in cameras but observing the events in 100% purely optical binoculars or telescopes without fancy electronic technology that cams sue which can alter the whole appearance of things with various light sensitivity technology modes.

That's my opinion.

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Has nobody heard of a fucking tripod.

99.9% of all these "look at this wierd happening" videos would greatly benefit from the addition of a tripod so we could actually see what the fuck was going on and not just pointless over or under exposed camera shake.
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obviously there was some messing about with the brightness and contrast during this recording of the Moon.
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