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Default Clotaire Rapaille - Reptilian Marketing (Video)

The Science of Selling
Clotaire Rapaille is one of many market researchers claiming to have figured out consumers' hidden desires. Ad agencies flock to his mansion to learn the "reptilian" hot-buttons that compel us to buy.

This is a video segment from a Frontline Doc called "The Persuaders"
View the rest of the doc here.
“My major project at present is, in fact, to develop a theology for a new world order . . .”
by David Ray Griffin - '9/11 Truth Researcher'
From 'Toward Genuine Global Governance' in chapter entitled: Global Government, Objections Considered’
9/11: Created to be Exposed
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I've seen more than one documentaries outlinig this. One of the researchers suggested that we should get in touch with our reptillian mind, another, when talking about marketing said that marketers should target the reptillian mind.
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