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Default "Reptilians" :Territorial Conciousness & Drugs?

I am interested in Davids "Reptilian Theories" , it reminds me of the late Robert Anton Wilsons theories about the "Reptilian Areas of the brain": those parts concerned with simple reactive forward-back predator/prey territorial constructs... [see Prometheus Rising/Cosmic Trigger]

Also to me it signifies the dominance of drug use/ habit /addiction that trigger such "circuits" [eg ALCOHOL] apparently driving the conciousness of many of the "leaders" of western culture...

Would I be right to say he agrees with this viewpoint?
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I wanted to ask the same question. Has anyone actually seen a shape-shifting lizard or reptile or alien. has anyone seen a "grey", or even a ufo. Do the greys drink blood? Anyone who has seen them first-hand can you tell us what you saw? What kind of powers do these creatures have, besides being able to shape-shift???
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