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Default Re: Astropsychology - Metaphysics of Self and Ego

Don't know how to embed the video, so here is the link.


I see the Zodiac, which is composed of 12 different houses in the space above the Earth that we call the ecliptic , as part of the universal consciousness and by studying the aspects of the Zodiac and the 12 30 degree houses, we can determine an eventuality that will relate to our consciousness down on Earth.

As the Zodiac and the signs and what they represent as unchangeable, I relate it to the self - the one thing in the universe that is interconnected without conditions.

The houses however, represent the material manifestation of the process of the Zodiac and are therefore equated to experience and the ego.

I then view the ever rotating Zodiac and the immovable houses as a kind of kaleidoscope, with each turn, comes a new relative eventuality - just like a clock or calender.

However I want to attempt to place the system of motion, rest and change not in the changes of the seasons, but within the mind and the function of the mind and how our minds manifest into our experiences via the ego from the self.

The paradigm I am attempting to calibrate is a mixture of geocentric/Placidus astrology and modern day psychology, particularly Jungian Method and Analysis, as he worked with the idea of mysticism and many other occult like concepts.

Jung performed an experiment, he wanted to see if a composite chart (a natal chart that works with synastry, which is two natal charts of two separate individuals combined to a mid point) of a married couple would show an exact point on the chart where the two people fell in love and were destined to be wed.

The same chart was analyzed by seven different astrologers and Jung discovered an amazing result.

There wasn't any one point that was on the composite chart that would indicate this and that each astrologer (observer) gave a totally different explanation for the question in hand.

This showed Jung that although the explanations were all applied with the same process and had intuition and logic behind them, however the explanation varied on the observers' experience.

The paradigm of psychological astrology is to work from an angle that doesn't "predict", it should be looked at as a "filing cabinet" for the different aspects of the mind and behavior.

I am attempting to create a process, to which I have been practicing for some months now, that will allow an observer to read a natal chart of any given subject and use it as a visual aide for navigation through their entire life - to evoke dormant aspects of the mind and behavior and to offer mindfulness of other wise more undesirable, or destructive behavior.

In conclusion, the process is to bring forth self acceptance and self awareness, the self is presented as the Zodiac itself and the houses of the natal chart are the way these aspects of the self manifest via the ego of the individual.

I also want to exclude and "prediction" or "fortune telling" from this process of astrology too, I do this by utilizing the method of "talk therapy" - the subject gives not only their birth data, but also gives some real life experience to the observer too.

The information that is given by the subject will be analyzed using the observers intuition from experience and methods of psychoanalysis, in particular methods such as Jungian "word association".

Much of the process of astrology can be broken down into short words and it is to the observers' discretion, with the objective of finding a "pattern", to "file" the words and experiences to the relative aspects in the chart.

Other considerations such as if the subject does lots of counting and calculating in the information they give to the observer, this can be related to Saturn, as Saturn is a planet associated with numbers, time and counting - the "Saturn Return" is one of the most important factors of a natal chart in this paradigm, which will be explained in detail later in this book, as it is the point of maturity for an individual with many changes to way they perceive their reality.

As we know, the mind is boundless and unpredictable, if one was to sit in silence for a few minutes they would discover that the mind wanders and it takes discipline and practice to be able to slow everything down and be mindful of everything that goes on during meditation, or any other thought process.

This makes the mind very unlike a clock or calendar, so maybe astrology and the measurement of time to predict a relative eventuality isn't the best idea after all.

However when one studies astrology long enough, they will notice that it is very much a timeless process - it is like the serpent eating it's own tail and has no beginning and has no end.
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What if you crush the serpent's head beneath heel? What if you become mindful and self objective and are no longer governed by the energies of the zodiac? What consciousness does one become a part of then? I like this think of the planets and constellations as manufacturers and operating systems for organic robots (humans). Like a robot is ruled by what it's programmer's allow it thus so is the human that is not self aware, allowing it to be influenced by the zodiac. What happens if the robot becomes self aware?
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