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Low Energy Nuclear Reaction or LENR is the official term of cold fusion.

When seeds are germinating with just water and sunlight, after a few days the sprouts have "elements" that werent in the original experiment. This has long baffled biologists and physicists and chemists. So they ignore it.

But it is a Low Energy Nuclear Reaction to have new 'elements' from just water and sunlight.

The clue is to study water and sunlight. To study seeds one only gets barbaric Human GMO life. And it degrades to zilch after 5 generations. Terminator seeds anyone?

So them Marble boys with No Bells Ringing, decided Light comes from electrons hitting electrons to make a photon. Absolute brilliant fantasy. Deduced by watching Lighting, a stream of 'electrons' colliding with the atmosphere. But maybe the sun's surface is an ongoing series of Lightning Strikes and such Lightning is the Suns Plasma which is Light.

The stupid theory of Hydrogen into helium in some hot fusion reaction was postulated when the atom bomb was the Hottest thing around. Its time to Upwise the theories in light of newer discoveries.

The Earth Oil theory of dead life forms just doesnt stack up with so many squillions of tonnes of oil and coal and shale etc, at depths of many miles where NO LIFE has ever existed. But never mind that.

So in thinking outside the box, rather than just "do" electrolysis, add more electrodes and neutral plates and make water a Liquid Magnet. and voila, water turns into oil and coal. It all depends upon the placement of the electrodes and what the "center" polarity of the Antenna Array is, that determines the type of liquid that the water transmutes to.

We call it Field Science where one creates Magnetic Fields within the Air and water with a DOMINANT POLE rather than just winding a nail with a wire like Tesla pretty much did to make a Magnetic Field or electromagnet where both poles are pretty much equal. Actually, the North pole is ever so slightly stronger than the South Pole.

It makes a total mockery of what water is and what electricity is and of course what Light is.

This relates to Homeopathy and water memory and what the actual construct of Water is and these principles are necessary in the construction of any water filter.
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