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Default Pulse Motor 'Free Energy' Magnetic Motor

this is a tread I started it has over 27 pages of INFO everything from Schematics to where and what magnets work the best

also you will need to understand that
history101 of how the electron is measured
The invention of measuring an electron came by a tricky method in using electricity in a vacuum tube.the smaller battery was connected normally, but the larger battery?s negative terminal was connected to the smaller battery?s negative terminal, and the positive terminal was left alone. That connection gave the negative terminal a double dose of strength, and so it became hotter and could push more. It was called cathode and the positive terminal anode. And the electricity that passed from the cathode to the anode was called electrons.The trouble with the physicists is they use indirect and ultra-indirect methods to come to their conclusions.
ENGLISH = that we measure current wrong from the getgo......
With that said.
place 2,4,6, whatever amount of magnets north out on a rotor.
iron bolt wrapped with copper magnet wire over 450 turns
attache ends of coper wires to voltage meter and spin rotor
every time the magnet passes infront of coil a voltage ACDC is produced.
increase size of wire for more voltage or decrease and add more for amp.
voltage produced needs to be fed back to drive coils to push magnets on rotor back towards pickupcoil.A Hallchip or 2n3055 will time it. a battery can be used on demo models advanced models couple to alternators, generators, step motors ..a rechargeable battery is used in demo models is needed to is tjust a way to start and store the power it. or like i do spin with my finger ,,,, its the magnets passing the coil that generate power..its looking at the electric motor ouside the box...

1.magnets are pushed away when the same poles are facing together north to north.= makes the rotor spin.
2.when a magnet passed infront of a coil of copper magnetic wire around iron a voltage is produced.

now this is the kick in the ass

The differential Hall sensor IC detects the motion and position of ferromagnetic and permanent magnet structures by measuring the differential flux density of the magnetic field. Offset cancellation is achieved by advanced digital signal processing.
Immediately after power-on motion is detected (start-up mode). After a few transitions the sensor has finished self-calibration and switches to a high-accuracy mode (running mode). In running mode switching occurs at signal zero-crossing of the arithmetic mean of max and min value of magnetic differential signal

also the HALL SENSOR is the backbone of all modern pulse motors or even antigravity motors
hope you cought that --- see

The newly discovered phenomenon of Space Power Generation as discussed in "Generation of Electrical Power from Absolute Vacuum by High Speed Rotation of Conducting Magnetic Cylinder" (Ref. 1) has the following distinctive features that pinpoint the fact that absolute vacuum in dynamic state is the fundamental state of positive energy

if you want to just power up a pc

Earth Batteries tapping into the Flow

12*4 foot long copper pipes
12 round plaStic
hammer copper pipe into ground 1 inch apart
place Zinc piece inside each
connect in series copper
connect in series zinc
12 volts dc

I can go on and on

do you know a radio can tune into the Aether , Zeropoint Flow call it what you want and power itself
that is how tesla ran his car
he simply tuned into the flow that is all around us
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Interesting stuff there. I,ve looked at a good few vids on youtube, free energy, over unity ect, and no doubt there seem to be alternative energy systems .

Thanks for posting,

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can those 4000 rpm produce the 110-220 volts necessary for house power?
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Originally Posted by gluoniel View Post
can those 4000 rpm produce the 110-220 volts necessary for house power?
The video and post seems to make out you could indeed but no actual real life application of the claims.

The link to the other forum I think has someone who has manged to recharge 9v batteries and that is it unless I am missing something here, in which case it would be good to see the Op jump back in and lead the way.
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Voltage is not all that is necessary to power electronic devices.

Magnets are pushed away when the same poles are facing together north to north = makes the rotor spin.
The magnetic field produced by a permanent magnet is static; and therefore all energy is conserved. However much kinetic energy is produced by letting two magnets move together by a meter is exactly equal to the amount of energy required to pull them one meter apart again, plus any energy loss due to friction.

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