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Default The Egyptian,Kemetic Sphynx

This statue appears to be a conundrum to all who try to explain its origin.
Many have said that it first had a lions head, that was then carved in the shape of a mans head.

I have another suggestion.

I have a great interest in the zodiac and have noticed that ancient civilisations have too.

The Sumerians have statues that depict the 4 fixed signs of the zodiac, which are, Aquarius (man), Leo (Lion), Taurus (Bull), Scorpio (Eagle).

However, the sphynx depicts just 2 of the fixed signs. Aquarius shown as the man, and Leo shown as the Lion.

If you know the number of years each age spans, the number of years between Leo and aquarius is 12000 years.
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Hi Pri01,

If I may be so bold, I would suggest that you are guilty of a category error. You are conflating a sphinx with the Sphinx.

A sphinx (as you have correctly pointed out) is an artifact representing the four cardinal points of the Zodiac.

However, the Egyptian monolith named the Sphinx is not a sphinx. You are correct that it was a lion and later recarved. Consequently, it was never intended to be a sphinx but instead a calendar marker.

It is a Lion that points due East at the equator and represents the sun rising in Leo (Vernal Equinox Heliacal Rising); a calendar marker.

A similar thing was done with the Hoover Dam. It was dated using a sidereal calendar.

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