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Originally Posted by raburgeson View Post
I'll give you an idea about health care in USA. I was a heavy fabricator. Fingers smashed to the point I can't write well, can't type. I had something go wrong. It took them 9 years to get a diagnosis. Memory gone falling down hurting myself. I had an artery 99 percent blocked off. An inch away from having a heart attack they diagnosed the problem and put in a stent to fix it. I believe they did that because they would have been sued if I died so close to an emergency visit. Then I had other problems that was never addressed because of damage from the first problem. The insurance died at the end of the month when I quit working, I got covered though my wife's insurance where she worked. When she changed jobs I lost that. So, I applied for a medical card. They said I had to spend all my retirement on medical bills before I qualified. I did that. Once I had a medical card there was no hope at all of getting diagnosed. I still have those problems today. It's been 2 decades now. It boils down to something very simple, there is no health care but, they have their hand out for money everywhere you look. I was back onto my wife's insurance until the end of Feb. this year.

I was at oh, that's the end of Obama care, get Trump care. Mainstream sleaze advice! And the insurance lapse of a month trying to get what did not exist cost me. UPMC who I was insured with before said Oh, your in bad shape and the price will be higher. Of course I am in bad shape they knew that because they had been insuring me right along. The conditions did not change but, the price sure did. They had the excuse it was because the insurance lapsed.

A short hospital visit just got paid for within the month giving me a discount. Cost me $3600. Let me tell you what I actually got out of it. I ended up sitting there while I was feeling miserable, I got a scan, I got a prescription, and believe it or not I actually got a diagnosis. None of this addressed the long term problems I have been having like left side motor damage probably cause by all the falling I had done. That was caused by the blocked artery that was severely cutting off oxygen to the brain. Thank god I at least got my memory back.

What a horrible and sad story *lots of love to you*

I live in Finland and have never paid any health insurance. Everything is free thanks to the KELA-card every Finn has. Some Finns choose to go to the private sector and they pay a lot of money, usually arrogant people, lol. The public sector is just as efficient and good - and it's free. You go to a doctor, who sends you to CAT-scans and so on, without you having to pay for it. Or to have a surgery. etc. If you don't have money to buy medicines, KELA pays for them.

Now I understand the concern for Medicare Americans have.

Move to Finland is the best advice I can give to you:

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