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"lots of us forget our wallets when we go out" ...ooooo k...
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Originally Posted by velma View Post
Until your finger is declined.
Well if we are dissidents of the state that would probably happen in a 1984 style future. Coming on forums like this would be outlawed. But they could just as easily block you taking out money from a cash machine or using a credit card.

The connection between Icke and 9/11
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Originally Posted by JustMe418 View Post
I saw a picture recently of a guy on a train with a contactless payment device hanging from his wrist. Apparently all he would have to do would be to enter a payment value then hold it near somebody with contactless devices. Possible? maybe.
Absolutely viable. This is the reason I don't have any contactless cards.
I asked my bank to issue me with non contactless cards and they did.
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What if you a a germ o phobe? I work in a supermarket and it's filthy!
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Originally Posted by berten60 View Post
So we will probably have identity thefts by chopped off fingers
being used instead of your own...
No, not even that.
Simply collect a used glass from your customer e.g. in a pub, lift the fingerprint. Job done. It's on youtube.
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Shock and Horror now on the news. Cash and coins have bacteria! No more than before I'd surmise but now it's a problem cos the BBC news said so, so it must be true then. It's not scaremongering tactics at all. it's best we all have a cashless society and everything is run by technology and a one world banking system, since cash is now old school and rarely used say the stats then why not have micro chips implanted or mandatory you must do this to be able to buy anything schemes. I'm all for things being easier but where does this end up? Smacks of an Agenda methinks by the time they are pushing the cash has bacteria crap. I'm no penny licker like but i'm fairly sure those coins and notes have no more bacteria on them than the thumbprint clock in machine at my work, or shopping trolleys etc...Most I hope will see through this thinly veiled attempt to make it a cashless society. It will prevail though, the wbankers will make sure of that. A Trillion pounds to bail out R.B.S! I've no concept of that amount. Yet it's done, no referendum on it. The banking system is corrupt, rotten. It's a Scottish bank and i'm a Scot but I don't see why the English or Welsh or Scots should pay to bail em out. Can't the Jews do that? Or maybe the whole world Banking system isn't Jewish run then. It's late but I'm on a weeks holiday, off to count my 666 bacteria ridden coins folks! Guess my Grandfather(mums side) coin collection is dangerous as hell. Love and respect to you folks, but please stay safe as coins and cash is bacteria ridden says BBC interview with a daft lab guy. I'm in trouble then cos all this horse&chicken poop n straw is bacteria ridden here like. White strands everywhere, I'll water it soon see how it pans out
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