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Default Possible bank shakeup?

I have been reading the writing of Ellen Brown for some years, this is her latest offering.

The Nameless War. The book they said would never be written.
It's a small book, but it says so much!
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Banking that works for the good of the community, giving loans to assist in the building of businesses, wow, Do you think this will ever catch on?

The tragedy is, most people think this is how banking is actually conducted, like I did up until a few years ago, How stupid was I ?

There have been lots of Bank branch closures near me a recently, perhaps they're preparing for the big crash next year! it's difficult to have a run on a bank if you can't get to one & if the EU plans are to freeze accounts and cash machines, so it might be a good time to have some cash under your mattress for when the engineered crash that no one saw coming, "just comes out of nowhere!"

Years ago, I used to laugh at old people who kept their cash under the mattress, I know why now!

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Silivo Gessel tried an experiment to see how quickly the people could readjust, wich turned out to be very quickly indeed if we ditch those who are controlling our money or what is basically our labour, physical labour, remember the name Labour Certificates because this is very important.

This is why we need to re-skill so we will always have an alternative that we can exchange for survival.
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