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Default HSBC executive is arrested over '$3.5BILLION exchange rate

British HSBC executive is arrested over '$3.5BILLION exchange rate rigging scheme' as he landed at JFK airport and has been thrown in a New York jail

A British banker has been charged in the US over an alleged $3.5billion foreign exchange rigging scheme after FBI agents swooped in to arrest him at New York's JFK airport.

Mark Johnson, 50, HSBC's head of global foreign exchange cash trading, is being held overnight in a Brooklyn jail ahead of his first appearance in court.

The US Justice Department is charging him and Stuart Scott, HSBC’s former head of European currency trading, after a long-running investigation into a $3.5billion (£2.7bn) transaction.


why isn't he over here in blighty being arrested and charged?
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have the mass arrests begun? no reason to stop at one. it could be like catching pokemon.
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Small fry, but it's a start.

As stated though why not the UK?

It would appear that the USA is the world's policeman.

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They probably have harsher laws in the US than the UK for this kind of crime, or the rigging of the rate would benefit the UK and not the US, so he will be tried over in the US.

Just another banker keeping the rigged system running.
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Looks like the Grinch is winning this one...

When Cairn challenged HSBC about spikes in sterling ahead of the trade, an unnamed supervisor, working with the bankers, then allegedly misled the client by blaming the price increase on a “Russian” bank in the market. The complaint adds that Mr Johnson was surprised Cairn went ahead with the transaction. When told of the company’s commitment, he responded “Ohhh, f***ing Christmas,” using an expletive as an adjective.
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