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Talking simple truths needed for healing at this timing

some of you will know some/all of these, many will not..
many will know them and will have ignored, denied them.
  • consciousness causes dis-ease. so spiritual awareness and balance are needed for healing.
  • the heart balances in the body - so the mind needs to communicate thoroughly with the heart and truly allow the heart and inner reality to provide more of the input than comes from the 'outer reality'.
  • overpowering of all elements of self has to stop for balance to be lived.
  • drugs and habit patterns can overpower the body and emotions and other aspects of self. the drugs themselves often are not the issue, so much as repteadly using them and denying the intentions for using them.
  • clean water, air and food are necessary and far more important than any job.
  • you need to choose life, not death; to live. life is vibration, death is the ending of vibration. if you fill your body with dead matter, that is anti-life in every possible way. this ends any debate about 'should i eat meat' if you allow this to be reality for you.
  • blocked/frozen energy/emotion causes reflections in the form of illness and dysfunction in the body/mind/spirit/self. this must be reversed for energy to flow and body form to evolve. this means ending denial and suppression of true feelings. expressing true feelings is more healthy and nurturing than stiffling self due to societal ideas of 'manners' or 'ettiquette'.
  • compassion and unconditional love is needed and ultimately caring and balancing and feeling fully the self are all loving choices. blame, denial and control are not loving. anger is often love that is being denied. unconditional love may seem to be a fallacy, yet is possible.
  • if you keep filling yourself with energy/light/ideas from others and from media sources (or any source) without expressing and releasing energies you run the risk of damaging your receptive centers. you can picture this somewhat metaphorically as a magnet that attracts iron filings.. there is only so many that can be held and the field and situation has to evolve before different filings can be held.. so the 'evolution of the magnet' ends until the cause of the attraction changes. a human version of this might be that if you keep filling yourself with cigarettes your attractiveness drops and you cannot hold high quality relationships until the cause of the habit is identified and changed.
  • the vast majority of establishments, traditions and groups are invested in one way or another in this type of awareness and healing not happening. so you are best served in learning this yourself and not finding a teacher. i am providing a trigger here for those who may be served by it.

if this type of awareness attracts you, you are welcome to joyn the healing community i am co-creating here: http://www.infiniteeureka.com

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balance, free will, healing, heart, love

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