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Default The Orions, Pyramids, and Atlantis

The Orions developed the particle beam and this is an anti-matter beam. And the Orions had developed this ship, almost as big as a planet, that rotated the particle beam and then fired it out and it could destroy whole planets.

And the Orions destroyed a planet called Ciscerus because too many of their enemies were on it. The people living there didn't want to be bothered with the Orions, and they had technology. The only thing they couldn't do was put up a shield against the particle beam, even though they were trying at the time. But all this technology is very destructive and not necessary.

On the largest and main pyramid in Egypt that the Orions put there, they instated a crystal. They took the capstone off and they put a huge crystal there and that was to help them to power their vehicles in and out of our plane.

However, when they finally left they took the crystal with them, so it's not there anymore.

Crystals are in our computers because they have an intelligence.

The Atlantean power crystal was in the top of a huge pyramid. The pyramid itself did not have a capstone but had this huge crystal projecting out of it and the reason they used the pyramid is because of the third plane, which is this plane where we live, and the pyramid in itself has certain powers because of the third plane.

They were receiving the energies from the crystals, which was at the top of the pyramid, and the Orions know about this and this was a huge crystal.
The Atlanteans used vehicles that floated over the ground and they used the power of the crystals to do that because they knew how to do that and they knew how to move their vehicles through thought processes. They used the crystal.

So the powers of the pyramid itself was brought up in some way through the crystal and they powered from the crystal, which was central to their cities. They could power their vehicles and power their electrical structures, and they could use that energy for these lighted globes where they could light their houses.

The glowing globes of Atlantis still exist in Tibet. Some of the Tibetan monks know where they're at. In fact, anti-gravitational vehicles still exist. And some of the high priests and monks of Tibet know where these caves are where they store these things because they didn't want any of us to know about these things because we weren't ready and we're still not ready to know about anti-gravitational machines.

And Hitler sent archaeologists over to Tibet to find those caves. The glowing globes were and still are powered by crystals. They need no energy.

There was two parts to Atlantis. Atlantis was a huge continent and it had two parts, the Atlanteans and the other part was a religious priestial area and the two parts didn't get along.

The priestial area wanted the Atlanteans to be like them and to believe in their 'gods' and the Atlanteans didn't want to do that so there was a constant war between the two areas.

The priestials launched an energy attack against the Atlanteans and they were destroying some of their cities, and so the Atlanteans used their crystal to generate an energy field to destroy their enemies, the priestials.

We launch weapons that are encased in metal. Their weapons were not encased in metal, they were energy weapons which is much, much more devastating and therefore they didn't have to produce metal cabinets, they didn't need that.

They could launch a weapon and destroy parts of a city or a whole city as an attack to scare off their enemies. They would launch back and forth and they did that off and on for many yugas (long periods of time). And through that launching back and forth, finally, it just started to destroy the continent. They used to say, "You kill me and I'll kill you."

A lot of the scientists on Atlantis knew this was going to happen and they were telling people in their areas. And they began constructing ships and they started leaving Atlantis because they knew it was going to sink, they kept telling them. And that's why you find some of these civilizations that had technology.

They were destroying each other and the energy from the crystal sunk the continent.

Once in a while their power crystal activates and that's why some ships and planes are missing. The power crystal creates an anomaly of no gravitational forces in that particular area concentrated, and it throws something out into space.

The Atlantis had sunk but the pyramid's still below the ocean with the crystal and it causes an anomaly in that area because it can and does create non-gravitational forces. Sometimes it regenerates and it creates a non-gravitation force and anything around it will just float off into space.
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A video is on an off the net periodically. The working light bulb made with the directions of constructions in the hieroglyphics. The question that haunts the back of my mind is, does the bulb work in the presence of Tesla coil energy?
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